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Multiple repair kits question

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I'm going nuts here, pls help

Let's say i need to repair Gigantor XL solar array in space. It says the repair requires 4 repair kits. But my kerbals can only fit 2 objects in their backpacks!!!

pls help.

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Repair kits stack in groups of up to four, just add a other repair kit on top of the one that’s already there, then repeat until you have enough repair kits. If you’re in space, you don’t need Kerbal parachutes so keep the jetpack and swap the chute for repair kits; if you’re landed on a planet with an atmosphere (or flying, but why are you flying in atmosphere while a Kerbal is on EVA!?) you don’t need the jetpack and probably don’t need the parachute either, so swap one or both for repair kits- or an EVA experiment kit.

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9 minutes ago, Mystique said:

If I remember it right, you may mod (alt in Windows)+click when placing kit into inventory to place full stack instead of just 1. Also there is a tiny mod that auto fills all free spaces in parts with inventory space with repair kits on lauch ([1.11.2] FruitKocktail).

This. I hear the creator is a really good looking guy as well :D

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18 hours ago, ataman76 said:

what's the point of having multiple slots if you can stack things up?

So your Gigantor XL array just got broken by clumsy docking/space debris/Kraken/button mashing during an EVA/whatever... It’s attached at the end of a long truss on your space station. How do you get out there to fix it? 

Use the EVA jetpack, obviously.

But if you only had one slot, you couldn’t carry the repair kits and the jetpack at the same time; if each repair kit had to be carried separately, you couldn’t fix the solar panel; if you just added more inventory slots then you’d be back where you started but with a more cluttered UI. Stacking them up keeps the UI straightforward and also means you have to carefully choose what you’re taking with you on each EVA- you don’t need a parachute in orbit or a jetpack when flying around Kerbin, for example.

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