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Is my "attach part" contract broken?


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I have a contract to attach a Z-400 battery to a satellite while having an engineer on board my craft.  I grabbed the satellite with the grabber jr. on my spaceplane, sent my engineer to EVA and attached the battery to the craft. The engineer fired his laser at it, and nothing else happened. Did not get the credit for attaching the part to the satellite. Engineer got back into the spaceplane, still nothing, let go of the satellite with the grabber, still no credit. Same thing happens even if I attach the battery without grabbing the satellite first. Am I doing something wrong? 

Here's a link to the image:


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Probably not, the contracts can be buggy sometimes. I’d Alt-F12 complete that, you’ve met all the conditions asked IMO.

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In my case, all these kinds of contracs don't work, can't be completed:

  • Attach part/finish vessel
  • Repair vessel
  • Bring XXX surface feature from XXX

So yeah, Control Alt F12 became my friend lately :D 

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I just came here to say that the attach contract also didn't complete when it was supposed to....

I made sure that I attached a Radiator Panel (edge) on the specified craft but it didn't complete.


Oh well, at least I get a free satellite.

On 5/22/2021 at 6:17 PM, JorgeCS said:

Bring XXX surface feature from XXX

I can still complete that. Brought Mun Stone back to Kerbin, my contract completed.

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