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[1.11.2] FruitKocktail - A Collection Of Mini Life Improvement Mods With Fruit-Based Acronyms As Names - Full Release

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This is a collection of small mini-mods written by forum user @FruitGoose.  For his own reasons, he decided to leave, and turned them over to me for support.  original thread is here:  https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/201227-fru

Please note that I have consolidated all the mods into a single Github repo for ease of support.  They are still in their individual directories.

The main Github repo is here:  https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/FruitKocktail

All of the mods which had toolbar buttons and windows now have new dependencies







This is a small collection of mini mods which I would class as "life improvement" mods. They were created to address my lack of patience when playing the game, so their aim is to speed up some of the more mundane day-to-day tasks. Although many will not understand this, if you do then hopefully you will get some enjoyment/relief from these! Additionally, as I have to play on a pretty low-spec laptop, I've tried to design them to be as "lite" as possible. My game is also swamped with taskbar icons so I've refrained from using any for these on principle; again I know that's not popular but many don't need one anyway.

I've listed each mini-mod separately to save having to install something you don't want. Please don't change the folder structure as some of the data is hardcoded to be located where it is and the mod will not work! They will all reside inside a "FruitKocktail" parent folder inside GameData. UPDATE: At the request of some forum users, I've now included the option to download them all together inside 1 package; this can be found at the end of this post.





Parachutes? Let's Use Maths!



Ever wondered the most efficient number or type of parachutes you need to safely land your vessel? Ever wanted to land at a certain velocity using parachutes to stop more valuable parts exploding? Ever wanted to land a large vessel using parachutes but have no idea where to start?

You need a juicy PLUM.

PLUM adds a menu in the Editor which analyses the target landing planet, your craft and parachutes used and then calculates an approximate landing velocity. You can then use this information to check whether you need more or less chutes and the approximate landing velocity etc depending on your requirements.

The calculations for this are inspired by this thread by Gaarst who managed to calculate  some of the formulae required. The figures he came up with are now out of date so needed tweaking  a little but the principle remains the same. 



  1. Build the landing part of your craft only and add some parachutes.
  2. Click on the PLUM toolbar button to open the menu.
  3. Select your preferred planet/moon and your preferred maximum landing velocity.
  4. PLUM will calculate and display some interesting info used in the calculation and at the end will display an approximate landing velocity. If it is below your max setting, it will be green; if it is above, it will be red (this is for quick reference based on the max velocity selection - it may be safe to land when red or dangerous when green...)
  5. You can now add or remove parachutes to adjust the calculated approximate velocity.
  6. To find how many chutes you need for a particular vessel, it works exactly the same; just add chutes until the velocity is at an acceptable amount.
  7. You can now create & save up to 9 custom profiles using the new options menu which covers add-on planets etc.



  • although reasonably accurate with simple setups, PLUM is intended as a basic guide only. Quite often (especially with multiple chutes/complex vessels/multiple chute types) there will be some error in the calculation. I've tried to limit it to around 10% as a compromise but there are a few variances such as vessel drag (and I believe a hidden modifier) which means I'm currently unable to calculate every instances perfectly. The manufacturers accept no responsibility for any destroyed vessels.... USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  • The game gives a bonus for using radial chutes in symmetry. This is taken into account within PLUM's calculations.
  • The custom profiles are saved in their own data file (.plum). It is recommended you do all editing within KSP however if you wish to edit these manually, YOU MUST ENSURE THEY FOLLOW THE SAME SYNTAX AS WRITTEN OR VERY BAD THINGS MAY HAPPEN!


In Pictures

  Reveal hidden contents


New Depencencies


Available via CKAN







Potentially Really Useful New Editor Sorter




Believe it or not, this mod was 5 years in the making. I happened to stumble on the solution whilst working on something else!

When you go into the Editor, do you find yourself constantly sorting the parts by something other than the default (and frankly useless) "Sort By Name" setting? Do you, like me, find constantly having to press the "Sort By" option you do want a really tedious and unwelcome affair?

You need a tin of prunes.

PRUNES automatically sorts your parts by the order you want. You can choose your preferred sort option in the Pause -> Settings -> Difficulty Options menu (i.e. where the advanced options are) by moving the slider to choose between Name (the default setting), Mass, Cost or Size. You can also specify whether you want them to be ascending or descending. When you go into the Editor, the parts will be sorted as if someone had pressed the button for you!

The mod sets the default to Sort By Mass/Ascending which seems to be the common request amongst players, although I personally prefer Sort By Size but that's just me.



Available via CKAN







Automated Popular Pre-Launch Experiment


This is a collection of mini mods within a mini-mod. It started off as turning the SAS on for launch by default but has now grown into a boring task beating behemoth. APPLE does the following:

  • Automatically enables SAS for launch for ships, probes and planes but not for rovers or anything you wouldn't want it turned on for.
  • Automatically sets the UI display at the bottom left to Maneuver Node mode (to display distance to Ap/Pe) - my preferred setting - for ships/probes.
  • Automatically applies brakes to rovers and planes at launch to stop them rolling away.
  • Automatically turns vessel lights on and off, depending on whether it is dark or not.
  • Automatically turns Kerbal's helmet lights on and off, depending on whether it is dark or not.
  • Automatically lowers/raises Kerbal's visor depending on whether it is dark or not.
  • Automatically remove/add Kerbal's helmet if it is safe to do so/unsafe to have removed.
  • Automatically sets the NavBall to the Node setting when you create a maneuver node.
  • Automatically deploys and retracts landing gear, based on the altitude of your vessel.
  • Warp lead time changed from 30s to 10s.



  • Options can be individually toggled on or off through the Pause Menu options.
  • The auto lights feature only works for the active vessel, to save resources.
  • Sometimes the persistent Kerbal helmet setting will prevent the Visor from working. This can usually be overcome by manually lowering/raising Visor which seems to reset it.
  • Some mod landing legs won't deploy automatically (but will retract?!) so don't rush to land just in case! (they should deploy by 1000m above the surface).



Available via CKAN





Programmatic Extension And Retraction


Are you sick of hunting around in the dark to try and find each solar panel, radiator and antenna to manually extend/retract? Forgot to set them as an Action Group in the Editor but only found out 10 minutes into your mission? You need a slice of PEAR.

PEAR adds a 'microprocessor' to each solar panel/radiator/antenna to link them together inside a network of sorts. This means you can control ALL extendable items through one.

  • Right click on any panel/radiator/antenna. On the pop up menu, you will have the option to "Extend All Extendables" (or "Retract All Extendables" if they're extended). Simply click and all within the network will extend (or retract).
  • To remove a part from the network (in editor or flight) click on the "PEAR Toggle" which will stop the part being included. To re-add, just toggle again. There is a status which confirms the current setting.
  • All parts still conform to stock requirements, that is you still can't deploy a panel that's stowed or an antenna in the atmosphere etc.
  • As a bonus, the "one-shot" stock panels are now retractable.
  • Add on parts will work assuming they use stock part modules.




  • The stock Ox-Stat fixed panel is extremely problematic as it uses the same part module to handle deployment even though it is obviously not deployable. You would think it would be programmed to ignore any request to extend but alas no, as it actually includes animation parameters. Unfortunately these produce NRE spams. Therefore, I have had to create a "blacklist" of parts that shouldn't be included in PEAR. If you have an add-on panel that causes similar, it can be added to the blacklist (inside PluginData) which will allow the mod to function correctly (please let me know as well so I can add it for distribution).





Available via CKAN






Oh Really? Another Name Generating Endeavour?


Do you struggle to come up with new names for your vessels? Sick of settling for "Hermes" or "Voyager"? You need a segment of ORANGE. This is a 'lite' naming generator that randomly generates a vessel name based on a set of saved names.

  • In the editor, right click on any "command module" (command pod/probe core etc) and press the "Change Name" button. A new name will be generated and inserted into the vessel name box at the top of the screen. If you don't like it, just click again to generate a new one!
  • The names are generated from 2 text files. You can add/remove/edit the names to customise the choice (keep to the same format - one per line).
  • You can also select from just one list if you desire (see readme inside PluginData for more details).



The name generation is completely random, but due to the words added and the nature of generation, sometimes it throws up some "risque" names. This is purely random and not intentional, apologies if you are easily offended by such things.






Available via CKAN





Lie In Must Ensue!


I personally like to launch my rockets in daylight, therefore I'm an avid user of the "warp to sunrise" button. Unfortunately, the stock sunrise is still too dark for my liking so this mini-mod changes the definition of sunrise to an hour later, when it is bright and sunny! Additionally, you now have the option to select your preferred warp to time, either sunrise (the stock setting), sunny (LIME), sunset or midnight, depending on your requirements. Go on, have yourself a lie in.


New Depencencies


Available via CKAN





Filling Inventory Generously


Managed to destroy a solar panel on your ship and now have no power? You check the crew manifest... there is an Engineer onboard - great. Let's get him to repair it... wait, you forgot to bring any repair kits didn't you? Hardly surprising given the tedious nature of loading the inventory with them. This mini-mod addresses this issue by adding a full stack of repair kits to any empty slot contained within a command module.

  • Fill any slots inside your Command Pod with items as you desire inside the Editor. Then when you launch, any that have not been filled will be filled with repair kits.
  • Dedicated cargo storage is NOT filled, as there is the potential for hundreds of repair kits to be loaded which is both unnecessary and unrealistic!




Available via CKAN





My Antennae Never Go Offline


This mini-mod attempts to address the issue of the "not enough power!" spam message when you transmit science. It does this by re-balancing the mechanics involved. Basically:

  • This mod looks at the vessel and checks the number of solar panels and their ability to generate electricity, as well as the number/type of antennae and their ability to transmit data. 
  • Depending on the results of the above, it then sets a transmission time in a balanced fashion (basically more/better solar panels/antennae = less transmission time), reduces the electricty usage to help prevent the no power spam, and then reduces the amount of electricity a solar panel generates as means of payment/compensation.
  • The end result is the player should be able to transmit all data at the cost of TIME rather than ELECTRICITY; so the transmission will go through but it will take longer.



  • This isn't a "infinite electricity" cheat. You may still run out of electric if your vessel's current capacity is low.
  • You need solar panels and antennae for this to work; if the vessel doesn't have any, it will not function.
  • When you've unlocked the top-end panels/antennae, the data will probably transmit as fast as stock. This is to reflect the improved ability of these parts (and also you'll probably have less science to transmit anyway!)



  • ModuleManager



Available via CKAN


Gas Repairs And Probably Expensive Snacks (G.R.A.P.E.S.)


This mod attempts to address the issues associated with refuelling in orbit by providing a means to 'purchase' fuel from a fictional 3rd party vendor,
without having to worry about mining and transferring fuel endlessly. This mod is based heavily on the style of "player choice" where most of the 
design decisions are handed over to the player to allow for a true custom experience.

The mod contains 2 parts; a sign and a fuel card. 

The "sign", which can be attached to anything, gives the player the option of designing/building their own vessel/station etc 
using stock parts for example. The sign in effect "takes over" whatever it's attached to, allowing it to become a location for purchasing fuel.

The fuel card is carried on the player vessel and holds credit which is used to purchase fuel. When a purchase is made, the funds are taken off the card,
causing the player to use multiple cards or to plan refuelling accordingly. The fuel card holds 1000 K$ by default.

The price of fuel/services varies according to where the station is at present, to reflect the transportation costs of the fuel. For example, near Kerbin 
the cost is close to stock (with a small commission added!) whereas by Eeloo, the cost is significantly higher. Add-on planets default at the highest 
cost modifier; custom prices for common planet packs may be added in the future.

After fuel is purchased, a timer initialises which prevents the player from purchasing fuel again until the timer has ended. The timer is also based on the 
location of the station, again it'll take longer to deliver fuel to harder to reach places.


- Design and build a station (with a docking port) that your vessel can attach to. When happy, attach the "Sign" to your station. Please note that the 
  mechanics of the mod are such that the station doesn't have to physically be able to hold the fuel you may require; it's up to the player how they wish to design their           delivery means; realistic or otherwise.
- Add your station into orbit at your preferred location, by either transporting it yourself or cheating it with Alt-F12, again player choice.

- Launch your vessel, ensuring you have a fuel card attached to it!

- Dock with your refueling station, & click the GRAPES toolbar icon to bring up the purchasing menu.

- On the purchasing menu, you will be given the current price list for the station, as well as the total cost to refuel your vessel and the amount of 
  credit you have on board. You can then select to refuel, recharge your batteries or leave.
- Assuming all goes to plan (ie you have enough credit!) your tanks will now be full if you chose Refuel (or part full if you have insufficient credit 
  to fill them completely) and the cost will be deducted from your card.
- IMPORTANT: recharging your batteries carries a fixed cost regardless of how much charge you require. There is a safety margin of 1 unit to prevent 
  accidental spams.
- Once fuel has been delivered, a timer will initialise. This is to reflect the station needing to be refueled from the depot. Much like the price difference,
  the time till delivery is dependant on the planet the station is orbiting. The timer, although accurate is not an "exact science". Sometimes there will be 
  unforeseen delays which will hold up redelivery. 


  • Models, textures & other objects associated with - Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA
  • Code - MIT


  • Fix hardcoded planet names
  • Add code to deal with non-stock fuels




Available via CKAN


If you prefer to download the mini mods together, you can now do so here:



  • ModuleManager


  • MIT
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J̷̺̘͉̫̥̭̦̲̓è̴͇̮̪̱̝̜͔̋̍̐̿͜b̴̘͍̯̮͚̤̳̫͐e̶͔̭͓͇̠̳͕̖̤̓̉͊̌̈̈́̀̇̕̚ḍ̶͚̣͓̇͊͑̈́̓̌̅i̷̧̻̱̯̞͌̆̋͜ă̶̪̣̦̗̝͙̌̀͑̒̔͊̄̕h̸̨̖̤̦͐̿̊͗̈́̈̋͘ ̶̡̼̰̃͋̒͗̏̇̑̈́̆̕K̵̨̛̠̤̪̲͖̖̉̓͝e̴̗͎̓ṟ̸̨̙͖̳̥͇̾̆̅̌́̓̓̐̔͝m̴̢̢͙̰̟̙̮̗̝͉̑̄̓͊̎́̅̈̈́̽a̴͚̩͂̍͒̆n̶̢͇̺̦̗̮͎̾̆̔̈́̀ ̶̛͖̗͖̣̻̋̓́͛̆̀̉l̷̞̹̟͓͔̉̈́͛̽̚ͅơ̵̝͓̱̿̄̀v̷̜͙̲̦̻͚̬̜̅̅̊̋ĕ̴̡̞̙͓̙̱͍̳̀s̵͕̽͂͒̀̿́̆͠ ̶͖̭͉̩͚̟͑̌̑̋̉̍̃̀̀̾y̶͍̺͒̓̂̀̅̃o̴̡̯̮͖̭̍͊ų̵̞̦̘͖̓ ̷̩͉͚͓͐͋̽͋̾̅̐̌͜f̸̛̤̫͍̤̐̿͐̃͌̄̀̇́ọ̴̪̺̄̇ŗ̶̧̛͖̝͕͇͑͌́̀̊̈̃̀̓ ̶̲͖̰̻̬̔̀̒̒͝m̵̰̎̓͂̀́a̸̗̗̟̭̲̗̱̳̾̾̋í̴͕̏̂̐̉̈́̈́̕͝n̵̡͎̦͕͌̀͑̍̅̈́̽̈́t̸̢͔͓͔̂a̵̩̣̗̞͚̝̲͙̓ī̵̛̗̳͔̺̤̮͎͌̍͘n̸͍̺̮̳̬̯͕̜̅̔̅̒ỉ̴̬͙͕̳̅̾͝ͅǹ̸̢̰̹́͋̎̉͝g̸̛̬̀̊̇͑̑̒͂͐͘ ̷̧̜̖̖̔̈́̀͘͠t̴̢̬͈͇̰͙͇̓͑̽͠h̷̭̤͇̜̠͈̦͉͖̀̋̋̾͂͠ḯ̸̪͂̑̿͗͒͌͐̕͝s̷̬̮̖̖͍͍̹̝͊͆̏́̕ ̵̝̗̯̥̝̺͙̀̔m̵͇̽͊͂̎̔́́ǫ̶̺̘͚͔̞͊̂̂d̵̨̛̹̺̰͚̤͇̳̈́̀̽̀̈́̓̂.̵̧̤̥̱̪̇̊̋̀̓

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Automatically sets the UI display at the bottom left to Maneuver Node mode (to display distance to Ap/Pe) - my preferred setting - for ships/probes.

Is it just me, or does APPLE fail to actually do this?

Nevermind, today it worked. Go figure. Maybe because of craft designation? Hmm....

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Sorry for the necro, but as these mods are still operational, I have a feature request for PLUM: Add the option to calculate terminal velocity, i.e. descent speed with 0 parachutes.

In Eve 's thick air, parachutes are often unnecessary if landing in the sea, or using strong landing gear (but not always - that's what testing determines and what PLUM should determine).

On Tekto of the Outer Planets Mod (Titan IRL), terminal velocity is so low that some objects can land with no parachutes or engines at all! The air is dense yet the gravity low, so terminal-velocity falls are quite survivable. But I would rather test this with PLUM than Hyperedit :)

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On 6/6/2021 at 3:36 AM, linuxgurugamer said:

When you go into the Editor, do you find yourself constantly sorting the parts by something other than the default (and frankly useless) "Sort By Name" setting?

It groups most parts of the same series together!

Although, frankly, Squad could have done a better job of naming parts so more relevant stuff appears together :)

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On 6/5/2021 at 10:36 PM, linuxgurugamer said:

[O.R.A.N.G.E. mod] The name generation is completely random, but due to the words added and the nature of generation, sometimes it throws up some "risque" names. This is purely random and not intentional, apologies if you are easily offended by such things.

I'm not offended, but "erection" in the random names seems a little intentional :)

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29 minutes ago, DeadJohn said:

I'm not offended, but "erection" in the random names seems a little intentional :)

Well, someone will always be able to find _something_ to be offended about.  And yes, that one is a bit risque.

But if I start editing things because one person or another is offended, then essentially I would be surrendering to the "woke" crowd (interpret "woke" however you will).

And frankly, I'm not going to do that.

No offense intended or taken.


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Okay, that Grapes one is a pretty neat idea. Somehow the idea that my ship shows up at Duna, and there's already a rickety gas station in orbit waiting or on the moon for Jeb to fill up just seems very Kerbal. Or even being able to tow one out there with a space tug for future use. I love it.

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