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The worlds of Gerry Anderson 1999 to 2099

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A place to showcase craft based on the Television shows of Gerry Anderson. I've started with what I have found available. Mods by @MajorTom69 and @StinkyAce giving me access to Space 1999 and UFO meshes. If anybody knows of Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Thunderbirds etc meshes, please let me know. I have reconfiged craft to be balanced and more functional and to me atleast aesthetically pleasing. If you have been doing this sort of work in these worlds as well, please post here to let us know and to show off your efforts.

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Some of the craft variations that I have finally got the way I want them.


All craft have been balanced, all space ships have their RCS systems working properly and can make a round trip to the Mun (land threre and take off again) without having to use the magic generators they came with. (which were needed the way they came because you were out of fuel in less than a minute.) The Shado Mobile can be ferried to the moon and dropped off to drive around collect data, do scans and has inventory slots for the portable science equipment. Also has internal seating for a science team.

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Quoteing myself from one of my other threads: The interceptor from the TV series UFO. You may be tempted to say "Doesn't that come in a Mod like that" but no, this is no longer the craft as it came. It has been balanced to use fuel at a reasonable rate, rather than in less than a minute, it can fly in atmosphere without the VTOL to keep it up. It's dimensions have been changed to make some mesh gaps less noticeable, It has now got cockpit windows and an Internal IVA. The engine now only requires 1 texture file and is set up to choose between 5 engine nacelle colours in the SPH. The nose launcher, landing legs and engine now are a nice silver, The launch node for the missile has been adjusted for the new dimensions and 2 new nodes for added side rcs thrusters have been installed so that RCS forward and backward are now possible. It took some time to get right, but I am proud of the result.





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The UFO from UFO. Slightly taller as I had to add a small pod to the top so that you can get in and out. Now has RCS nodes and the landing gear is defaulted to the gear binding.

The configs for the various parts to make it work start here.


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