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I have a picture of my Saturn V launchpad, but it failed in a few ways

1. Couldn't move to the launchpad
2. Had too many parts
3. The Saturn V could lift the Launchpad

I'll put the picture in a spoiler when it loads, right now it's blurred and giving me a frowny face

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So I made a new Sea-launch platform like Matt Lowne's, but I didn't bring it to sea because i'm lazy.



The craft is carried horizontally, then raised on an alligator hinge and 2 pistons to a vertical, launch ready position. Once it's steady, it's fueled by fuel tanks on the barge. Then, Liftoff!
Note: A small heat-shield protects the barge from engine-related damage

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12 hours ago, Young_Keddish said:


Why did you take that emblem
I told you to take the other one although you can keep it from June 2, well if nobody uploads a photo, but for the time being, take that one off and grab the other

I could only take that one
Weird bug, I fixed it

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I made a mobile launch silo with retracting doors, ladders, and boarding ramp. This launch pad can be rolled to its launch location as one structure. Made in version 1.12.



Rolling to launch location.


Arriving at launch location.


Deploying ladders, access hatch, and boarding ramp.


Ascending the ladder.


Boarding the MK1 command pod.


Opening launch doors.



Ascending to orbit.





In orbit


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You said it should be stock? I have a mobile launchpad (A truck with a rocket on it) butunfortunately, it uses Grounded Modular Vehicles, Tweakscale, Modular launchpads, and Breaking Ground (DLC), and so far I have only tested it with a rocket with only enough fuel to get into space, but not enough to achieve orbit (I reduced the fuel in the first stage because I didn't think the truck would be able to carry the weight of a full rocket)

Still cool though, right? Just look at those flashing lights!





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