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The Ultimate Challenge Continued Again

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@Leganeski Congrats on your grand tour! Your mission has been added to the Hall of Fame.

13 hours ago, Leganeski said:

Rule 1: the main parts mods were Near Future Launch Vehicles, ReStock+, Simple Fuel Switch, and Explodium Breathing Engines, all of which I believe to be balanced with stock parts.

Those mods are balanced, the least balanced one is Explodium Breathing Engines but it is still allowed.

13 hours ago, Leganeski said:

Rule 2: I did have to use the debug menu twice, once to circumvent the landing leg sinking bug and once to circumvent a bug where Lindor's entire SOI was heated to 7000 degrees, but neither of those times did it let me gain any advantage beyond what would have happened if the bug weren't there.

With how buggy KSP is, this is fine.

13 hours ago, Leganeski said:

Rule 3: I could not plant a flag on Tellumo because I landed in the middle of the ocean, but I did collect a surface sample there, which of course still required Valentina to touch the surface.

You have proof that you landed there, so it counts.

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20 hours ago, SkyFall2489 said:

Just checking, any "Grand Tour" mission that involves a landing on every planet counts?

Yes, landing on every planet and moon is the goal of the grand tour. For the ultimate challenge specifically, there needs to be a kerbal present. Jool and Kerbol are obviously excluded since they don't have a surface.

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I have just completed the Ultimate Challenge. Please find the Imgur album here. 

I used visual mods (e.g. Scatterer) and informative mods (e.g. Transfer Window Planner) but all the parts are Stock / DLC and all the piloting was done by me.

KerbalX links to the two craft are below.





Val to landed on every solid surface in the Kerbol system. Jeb, Bill and Bob tagged along for everywhere except Eve.

Landings shown below:

















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