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Transfer tool wants me to wait 3 days when I could xfer in 30 mins?

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yes, maybe because of your periapsis position it found it can save 5 m/s by waiting 3 days, and it is programmed to return a minimum.

Orbital transfers, in their current state, are more of an art than a procedure. you have rules and calculations, but you can't just input data and get authomatically a good result. Barring the very simple cases.

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Unless you’re in a perfectly circular orbit exactly matching the Mun’s inclination, your orbital parameters will make doing the transfer cost a slightly different amount of delta-V over time- the planner might be waiting until you’re doing the burn at periapsis to save a little bit of fuel, or until the burn occurs at the ascending/descending node to avoid adding a normal/antinormal component to the transfer burn, or some combination of those things. While this means you’ll squeeze every last drop of range from your craft, it might also mean waiting for what seems like an excessively long time when it isn’t really necessary to do so; if you’re relying on that <5m/s by doing the perfect transfer vs just going ASAP, then you’re better off packing a bit more fuel somewhere or shedding some excess weight.

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