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Repair Kits, how many?

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Is there a way to know how many repair kits are required to fix a given item?
Example.   You accept a contract to repair a solar panel on a satellite. Load up an engineer, a repair kit and head up. Getting there you find that 4 kits are required. Oh crap. Wish I had known that.   Any solutions, insights?

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I have encountered the same and wish to use this No experience specialization override to turn off the need for the "Repair Skill".  I don't see anything appropriate in the Advanced Game Difficulty settings except for Kerbal Level Up Immediately, which is greyed out (Sandbox).  So, two questions:

  1. How to override Skills (good for all)
  2. In Sandbox, what controls Kerbals Level Up Immediately being available or is it only relevant to Science/Contract?
  3. can you preload a kerbal's inventory in the VAB?

If the need for Repair Skill (and Kits, preferably) can't be overridden, what must a Kerbal do to get it?

(I have, for the time being, worked around this (and one of the Kerbal not being able to climb more than two steps up the ladder) by directly editing the .sfs file.)

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