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BakerOperatingSystem. A KOS RPM GUI script!

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Hello fellow Kerbalnauts!

        Im SelfAwareMatter and I have been playing KSP for 7 years or so and love the game so very much. It has given me a unique perspective on my own place in the universe and greatly enhanced my ability to understand the world around me.  Among the things KSP has inspired me to teach myself, programming with  KOS is one. I am a Linux user and building simple boot scripts and editing config files is about the extent of my programming knowledge before playing with KOS.  BakerOperatingSystem is an operating system I wrote for KOS to be used with RasterPropMonitor. Its a collection of scripts that can be accessed though a GUI.  Special thanks to Vulcan for his IVA content and for a bit of code he kicked down, CheersKevin for getting me started, and the devs of KOS and KSP for making such an awesome game. What an awesome thing KSP and KOS is!

         MODS that have been incorporated include-

Kerbal Operating System obviously

Raster Prop Monitor

Atmosphere Autopilot

BD Armory

RSVP- the rsvp scripts need to be in your script folder for the transfer planner to work.



      There is a lot in this 13k lines of code. Some of the programs include-

Blackjack!     My first game.

RSVP transfer GUI

Automatic Launch

Automatic Landing

Automatic Docking

Engine Control

Execute Maneuver Node

Servo control

Ship systems

Resource transfer

Circularize Orbit Eccentricity at Apoapsis

Circularize Orbit at Eccentricity Periapsis

Rover Autopilot

Target selector

Time-warp Controller

Maneuver Node editor

Science Sensor Controller

Camera Control

Atmosphere Autopilot

Weapon systems


Automatic Hover

I hope somebody has fun with this.  I would love if somebody wanted to add something awesome to it.  If I make significant updates I will keep this post updated.  Feedback is totally welcome too.  Like I said earlier I really don't know much about programming and I'm sure the way I organize some of the code would give a real programmer fever dreams. I tried to make it as organized as possible. Here ya go!






[download link removed by moderator, pending resolution of licensing issue]


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Download link removed by moderator
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Hi @SelfAwareMatter, and welcome to the forums!  :)

This looks awesome, and I expect lots of folks may find it helpful!  However... this is basically a mod, so it needs to be treated as such in the forums.  Please see the add-on posting rules.  The main thing you need to do (that you haven't already) is to pick a license, state what it is in the OP above, and make sure that your downloadable package has a license file in it with the full text of whatever you've picked.

We've taken the liberty of moving this to Add-on Development, since de facto it's essentially a mod.  (Would have put it into Add-on Releases, but wasn't sure if you were calling it "released" yet, plus there's the license issue to take care of.)  If at any point you'd like us to move it to Add-on Releases, please let us know and we're happy to do so.  :)

In the meantime, we've removed your download link, since the license requirement's a pretty firm one for anyone offering their work to download.  Please feel free to restore the link once you've taken care of the license issue as described above.

Thank you for your work!

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Hello Snark its SelfAwareMatter here. Sorry for taking so long to handle this simple ask but I have finally got to it. Ive included a license in with the download and included the license type in the description before the download.  I went ahead and edited this post and updated the download link but I am wondering if I should just make a completely new post or not. I have updated the script quite a bit and do consider it somewhat "Released" so moving it to Add-on Releases makes sense to me. Thanks for your help!

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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