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Is Breaking Ground worth the cost?


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Greetings all,

At long last I have the money to consider acquiring the  Breaking Ground DLC.  However on Steam this DLC has received a lot of negative comments, especially those claiming that BG's features are mostly all covered by freely available mods.


Do any of these negative comments contain a grain of truth? Are there mods that do what BG does, and are they (the mods) relatively bug free (my past experience with mods has been ... uninspiring...) ? 


I'm not going to be saving my money for KSP2, my current computer is way below minimum spec, and I don't have the capital needed for even modest upgrades. 


I am inclined to suspect that the negative commentors are just a bunch whiny preteens who are upset about not getting what they wanted or regretted the purchase later. The tone of their comments, their spelling and grammar, and the general uniformity of their comments suggests a lack of maturity, and a definite lack of appreciation for other people's hard work.




Thanks and regards


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I've found it well worth the money.

I love the ground experiments and I've had a lot of fun with the other gadgets.

The seismic experiment is the funniest, giving you science for crashing large craft into the surface :)


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Well, Infernal Robotics does have some robotic parts, kind-of similar to those in the DLC. but breaking ground adds surface features that you can pick up/study with new science equipment from the expansion as well! :) 

The DLC also adds new surface equipment to be used for science, that is supposed to be used with the stock inventory as well.


So... I think it's really your choice if the expansion is worth it or not. ;) 

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It's cool but it is a buggy hot mess. Every time I come up with an idea for something to use robotics for, I run into a bug. And the support is not great. There are hundreds of reported bugs which I don't think will get fixed any time soon. I don't think its worth the trouble and don't recommend supporting this sort of sales practice.

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Yes. Robotic parts? They perform better than IR and the KAL controller does things beyond robotics that I'd be dead without. Suit, Surface Science, those are nice but skippable. I couldn't play KSP the way I do without KAL controllers. The only bug worth noting is Robotic Drift. It's unavoidable and modded robotics will introduce the same bug as it's Unity-engine based. KSP does a clever workaround to calculate all the large <--> small distance differences and the result makes any moving part drift over time. Heck, the node connections on Infernal Robotics suffer from way more bugs than BG parts. I'd appreciate if people who probably only have a few hundred hours wouldn't speak on these things as if they have many thousands of hours like other players.

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