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Outpost assemblies

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Is there any material / tutorial / video that teach you how to build a outpost that requires assembly? What's the best approach to join several items in the surface of a body?

I've been trying to do it without mods. To join several pieces I am using some retractile wheels (so when a part is in position I can hide them), but these wheels doesn't have a motor, so I am using RCS systems. But this is cumbersome (and it tries to manage it as if you are trying to rotate a ship) and gives me headaches to join the different parts.


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I found this YouTube series to be really helpful for learning how to best assemble a modular base. 

The key takeaway (at least, what I got from it) was that it's best to use some external vehicle (a rover, etc.) to move the base components into place. That way, you don't have to build the wheels and navigation into every module. One method I like now is to build a "cart" that can slip underneath a base module, then use the landing legs to lower the module onto the cart. 

In addition, for your plane wheels + RCS method, you can select the docking port and choose "Control from here" to make it act more like a rover. In addition, if you really don't want rotation, you can disable pitch/yaw/roll in the "Show actuation toggles" option, if you have advanced tweakables enabled.

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