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What should the levers in SMURFF be set to for a scaled solar system?

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I am playing with SMURFF and Sigma Dimensions/Rescale 6.4x, but this question is regarding all scaled solar systems.

As noted in SMURFF's config file (GameData/SMURFF/SMURFF.cfg), the levers are a decimal value between 0 and 1 representing the performance scaling:

  • 0 is stock-alike
  • 1 is "real-ish" performance, aka "classic SMURFF"

0 is meant for stock-sized systems (1x), while 1 is meant for real-sized systems (10x? 10.625x?). The author of SMURFF recommends experimenting with the value at 0.5 for intermediately-scaled systems:

On 8/8/2015 at 6:30 PM, Kerbas_ad_astra said:

those interested in intermediate-difficulty solar systems may want to experiment with setting the values to 0.5.

With a lack of documentation on either SMURFF's forum thread or GitHub repo, I pose the question:

What should SMURFF levers be set to for intermediately-scaled solar systems, e.g. 6.4x?

Would it be set to the scale multiplier, i.e. if it's 6.4x scale, it should be set to 0.64?

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