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Wiki - "multi-layer insulation"

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The wiki has a lot of references to a part being covered in "multi-layer insulation"; all these references just link to Wikipedia, and I can't find an explanation anywhere as to what it means in-game. (for example: Probodobodyne HECS)

Is there actually some in-game effect to insulation, or is this just describe appearance? If there's no in-game effect, I'm thinking about wiping it from pages I edit. 

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MLI is a type of foil-like insulation added to spacecraft to insulate them against the heat coming in from the sun and/or the frigid cold of space, I think mostly to reflect solar heat away as spacecraft tend to have more trouble staying cool than staying warm with all those electronic systems generating waste heat and limited options to get rid of it. The current HECS2’s gold exterior is one example of foil-type insulation and the Restock mod gives most stock probe cores the option of having gold or silver foil on the outside.

MLI is also used to insulate fuel tanks to prevent cryogenic propellants from boiling away into space; this isn’t modelled at all in stock KSP but for real rockets boiloff is a real issue as liquid hydrogen, methane and oxygen will all slowly evaporate away and escape, which MLI can slow down or even stop by preventing heat from the sun from reaching the cold liquid(s) inside.

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