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AtomicTech Inc.'s Kerbol Konquest


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After the Golden Age of Aerospace Travel, spurred by J-Tech, events on Kerbin made space travel too expensive for a vast majority of companies. Because of this many kompanies left hardware and various pieces of infrastructure floating in orbit around the Kerbol System, slowly decaying. 40 years later, a new company emerged from the ashes from J-Tech, dead set on returning the Kerbal Race to its former glory. AtomicTech, a Science and R&D kompany, worked hard to prepare itself and the Kerbal Race for a decades-long kampaign to reclaim and recolonize the Kerbol System.


Mission Log:


Kelsen-1 (KBN: Ruth Fischer, Peter Green) (Destination: LKO Station "Flak") (Outcome: Failure due to improper fuel flow.)

Kelsen-2 (KBN: Ruth Fischer, Peter Green) (Destination: LKO Station "Flak") (Outcome: Mission cut short after dangerous depressurization.)

Gamma M.P1 (KBN: Celeste Vieira) (Destination: KSC Runway) (Outcome: No failures, successful full duration test with variable gimbal and thrust levels.)

CX-II Test Flight (KBN: Unmanned) (Destination: 6 kM Test Flight) (Outcome: Test Flight at the Dessert Airfield, successful 6 kM test flight, back-up probe control shut down due to electrical issues.)

LuniCom 1 (KBN: Unmanned) (Destination: Munar Orbit) (Outcome: Various significant failures compromised the mission, full failure, no hardware recovered.)

Skydreamer T-1 (KBN: Roland Weber) (Destination: Atmospheric Test Flight) (Outcome: Serious issues caused an abort, no hardware recovered, Kerbonaut saved.)

KerbiCom 1 (KBN: Unmanned) (Destination: Engine + RCS Testing at KSC Launch Pad) (Outcome: A complete success, no issues detected, hardware fully functioning.)

Okeanic-1 (KBN: Jochen Schnelder) (Destination: Munar fly-by) (Outcome: A complete success, safe return.)

Red Mars 1 (KBN: Alexandria "Alex" Becker, Finnbogel "Fibin" Thorlacius, Elisabeta "Liz" Prishtina) (Destination: Low Dunar Orbit) (Outcome: Mission Still Active)

Spacecraft/Hardware Log


Keltan Light (JTSCH-1) (Missions: Kelsen-1) (Fate: Upper and lower stage discarded and destroyed upon impact with the ocean.)

Voyager CM (ATLTD-1) (Missions: Kelsen-1) (Fate: Suborbital flight, brought Fischer and Green safely back to Kerbin. Reusage impossible due to salt water damage after emergency buoyancy deployment.)

Pioneer SM (ATLTD-1) (Missions: Kelsen-1) (Fate: Wasn't disconnected from the Keltan Light upper stage, suffered same fate as JTSCH-1)

Keltan Light (JTSCH-2) (Missions: Kelsen-2) (Fate: Upper and lower stage discarded and destroyed upon impact with the ocean.)

Voyager CM (ATLTD-2) (Missions: Kelsen-2) (Fate: Brought to the Von Kerman Institute of Engineering after re-entry.)

Voyager SM (ATLTD-2) (Missions: Kelsen-2) (Fate: destroyed by atmospheric friction.)

Gamma M.P1 (ATM.P1) (Missions: Gamma M.P1) (Fate: Reused in Red Mars One Mission as a booster.)

CX-II (CXP1) (Missions: CX-II Test Flight) (Fate: Parts used for a CX-III Prototype, another CX-II prototype in production.)

Keltan Deluxe (JTSC-6) (Missions: LuniCom-1) (Fate: Various failures compromised flight, discarded in the Ocean.)

Keltan Light Upper Stage (JTSC-3.2) (Missions: LuniCom-1) (Fate: Premature decoupling caused excess stress on fuel lines and structural integrity leading to an Oxidizer Leak in tanks. Discarded on a suborbital trajectory.)

LuniSat A-1 (LH.LC.A-1) (Missions: LuniCom-1) (Fate: Improperly closed fuel line drained the oxidizer tank. Discarded on a suborbital trajectory.)

Unnamed Small Space Shuttle Prototype (KNESPT-AT.1) (Missions: Skydreamer T-1) (Fate: Various issues in the prototype caused a mission abort. Destroyed upon contact with the ground, thorough Hydrazine clean-up required.)

THK SRB (Kerbodyne THK-1) (Missions: Skydreamer T-1) (Fate: Destroyed upon contact with the ground.)

Unnamed KNES-AT.1 SM (SSPT-SM.1) (Missions: Skydreamer T-1) (Fate: Various issues in the prototype caused a mission abort. Destroyed upon contact with the ground, thorough Hydrazine clean-up required.)

KerbiCom Prototype 1 (KbiC-P1) (Missions: KerbiCom 1) (Fate: Dismantled for parts in usage for KerbiCom 2)

Economic Solid Rocket Motor Booster No. 1 (ATSRB-LV1) (Missions: Okeanic-1) (Fate: Discarded in suborbital trajectory.)

Economic Liquid Fueled Rocket Upper Stage No. 1 (ATEUS-IS1) (Missions: Okeanic-1) (Fate: Discarded in suborbital trajectory from Munar height.)

KENS CSM (ATKCS-MS1) (Missions: Okeanic-1) (Fate: SM Discarded in re-entry. Command pod recovered and sent to a museum.)

Gamma M.P2 (ATM.P2) (Missions: Red Mars One) (Fate: Used in Red Mars One Mission as a booster.)

Gamma H.B1 (ATM.B1) (Missions: Red Mars One) (Fate: Reused in Red Mars One Mission as a booster.)

Nerv-ice Module (AT-THM.1) (Missions: Red Mars One) (Fate: Currently docked with Kalipso Station in LDO.)

AT-KC3 Re-Entry Module (AT-KC-3.1) (Missions: Red Mars One) (Fate: Currently docked with Kalipso Station in LDO)

AT-OrbHAB 1 (AT-OHAB.1) (Missions: Red Mars One) (Fate: Currently docked with Kalipso Station in LDO.)

AT-DunComm 1 (ATDUNC.1) (Missions: Red Mars One) (Fate: Currently in a High Dunar Orbit providing direct to Kerbin communications for the Dunar Missions, planned to be replaced no later than Year 10.)

AT-mDunComm 1 (ATmDUNC.1) (Missions: Red Mars One) (Fate: Planned to be moved into a high Ike orbit no later than year 10.)

Space Stations Log


Flak Station (Location: LKO) (Launched by ------) (Abandoned due to Financial Issues) (Time in orbit when refurbishment operations began: 30 Years) (Later deorbited after serious onboard issue.)

Kalipso Station (Location: Low Dunar Orbit) (Launched by ColonyCo.) (Abandoned under the Exodus Directive) (Age: 45 Years)

Kerbonaut Log


Ruth Fischer (Occupation: Pilot) (Experience Level: 1) (Retired from Flight.)

Peter Green (Occupation: Engineer) (Experience Level: 1) (Retired from Flight.)

Celeste Vieira (Occupation: Engineer) (Experience Level: 1) (Retired from Flight.)

Roland Weber (Occupation: Pilot) (Experience Level: 1) (Retired from Flight.)

Jochen Schnelder (Occupation: Engineer/Pilot) (Experience Level: 2) (Retired from Flight.)

Alexandria "Alex" Becker (Occupation: Pilot) (Experience Level: 3)

Finnbogel "Fibin" Thorlacius (Occupation: Engineer) (Experience Level: 2)

Elisabeta "Liz" Prishtina (Occupation: Scientist) (Experience Level: 3)



Chapter 1: First Re-Step!

Chapter 2: Design, Build, Test.

Chapter 3: Road Trip!

Chapter 4: Dunar Dawn

Chapter 5: Duna Delivery

Chapter 6: Duna Descent






Kopywright AtomicTech Inc. 2021

Original Stories by Atomikku

Chapters 6 and 7 coming soon.

Edited by AtomicTech
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Planet Shine

Waterfall + Stock Waterfall Effects








HullCam VDS Continued



Tokamak Industries Refurbished Parts

LightsOut! Relit



Module Manager



Both of the DLC's


Let's go baby! Givin' Squad more Cash!

Kerbal Alarm Clock

Kerbal Renamer

BetterTimeWarp Continued

And a few others I can't remember for the life of me.


Day 1, Part 1:

AtomicTech's Refurbishment Division managed to get their hands on an Keltan Light ICBM from the old J-Tech rocketry archive. After a long series of extensive testing and part replacement/refurbishment, the booster was certified flight safe. AtomicTech's Longterm Travel Division manufactured a prototype of the Voyager Command Module and the Pioneer Service Module specifically designed for longterm habitiation and usage on the Keltan Series.


The mission series was named after the late founder of J-Tech, Karl Kelsen, and aimed to reinhabit a failed Munar Space Station left in orbit for 30 years.


The rocket was fueled, crew aboard, final testing and preparations made, and the snacks loaded. All personnel at the KSC was promptly moved into the VAB, SPH, Mission Control, or the Astronaut Complex to prevent any loss of life from rocketry accident.


The Kelten Light slowly took off, quickly gaining TWR as it rose from the thicker parts of the atmosphere, burning its fuel.


Ruth- All Systems Nominal. Everything's great aboard the Kelsen-1!

Mission Control- We're happy to hear that! We're seeing a small bit of instabilty as you're performing your gravity turn.

Ruth- I guess that's to be expected. I'm performing the turn manually, not relying on the ASAS.

Mission Control- Okay, be sure to throttle down the engines when experiencing atmospheric heating just to save fuel.

Ruth- Will do!


Peter- First Stage Fuel Levels at 50%! Delta-V currently at 1080 m/s.


Ruth- Altitude past 10,000 meters. Increasing heading.


Peter- Lower Stage cut-off expected momentarily at 17,000 meters ASL.


Ruth- Lower Stage Cut-Off and Jettison Confirmed!

Peter- Separation Motors and Poodle Ignition Confirmed!


Ruth- Experiencing some instability after LES jettison.


Ruth- Pitching up to higher AP. Asides from that, all readings nominal.


Peter- Sending back images of the KSC from the SM cameras.


Peter- Sending back another image from inside the CM.


Peter- AP almost above the 70,000 meters ASL.

Ruth- Hey Peter!

Peter- Yo!

Ruth- The fuel readings don't seem quite right. We've burnt the Poodle for too long.

Peter- Yeah, give me a moment to look at this. For the meantime, keep burning. KSC, can you help me look into this?


Mission Control- It seems that a value connecting the SM to the Poodle Upper Stage for Fuel Loading wasn't closed properly.

Peter- My data logs confirm. What now?

Mission Control- Trigger Stage Separation.

Ruth- Alright. I don't have a good feeling about this.




Ruth- Emergency Separation!


Mission Control- Kelsen-1, are you there?

Mission Control- Kelsen-1, please respond?


Mission Control- Lock the doors, maintain all data.


Ruth- KSC, we read you loud and clear.

Peter- Both of us are alive and well, shaken but fine.

Mission Control-  We're beginning a full investiagtion into the accident. 

Ruth- That's good to hear! 

Peter-  KSC, we've got about three minutes till we hit the atmosphere. Anything you want us to do till then?

Mission Control- No, not at the moment. We're currently looking into the Kelsen-2 in the VAB. Have some fun in Zero-G before you touch down. We need y'all ready to fly after you touchdown.

Peter- Ah, great.

Mission Control- What was that?

Ruth- Nothing, probably a mic error. 


About 3 minutes later, the Kelsen slammed back into Kerbin's atmosphere at 2000 m/s.



Peter- Drouge Chute Deploy Confirmation.



Peter- Drouge Chute cut. Main Parachutes Deployed. Impact Bags Deployed.


Ruth- Touchdown!

Peter- Uh, we have a minor sinking problem.

Mission Control- Great, not another issue. Can y'all resolve this promptly?

Peter- Already on it. Floatation measures deployed.


Day 1, Part 2:

The reason behind the valve malfunction was quickly traced back to a rusty pipe and a unsticky piece of duct tape. Engineers quickly mobilized to the launch site and checked all the valves aboard the Kelsen-2. Each valve, thankfully, was properly refurbished and passed a rigourous set of tests and experiments. Ruth and Peter were quickly rushed back to the KSC while the ship did its final supply loading procedures.


Peter- When we get back I'm filing an HR request.

Ruth- Calm down, it's not that bad!

Peter- I wanted to watch the latest episode of the Kastlevania I had planned to watch it when we got into orbit.

Ruth- Don't you have anything better to do?

*Transmission Cut*

Launch Announcer- Launch in 10...9...8...7...6...5...4, Engines ignited, 3...2...1...0!

Launch Announcer- We have liftoff of the Kelsen-2, on its way to the Flak Station, abandoned for 30 years in LKO!



Peter- Fuel tanks around 50%

Ruth- Taking a steeper ascent for abort purposes.


Peter- Delta-V at 536 m/s, stage one cut off expected at 19000 meters ASL.


Ruth- Stage One cut-off confirmed. Requesting permission to jettison the LES with the bottom stage.

Mission Control: Permisson granted, Peter?

Peter- Permission granted, Ruth, execute alternative flight plan.


Ruth- LES jettison confirmed, Sep. Motors activated, Poodle ignition nominal!

Mission Control (I'm going to refer to it as the KSC from here forward)- Kelsen-2, execute a pitch-back manuver.

Ruth- Executing momentarily


Ruth- Pitching back to raise AP with the lower TWR Poodle.


Ruth- Pitching back forward to raise PE.


Peter- AP raised to about 90,000 meters ASL with successful upper stage cut-off and jettison.

Ruth- Nominal ignition of the Spark with orbital insertion in-progess.

KSC: *Loud Cheers*


Ruth- Spark cut-off nominal, coasting up to AP to perform circularization.


Ruth- Finishing orbital insertion burn with nominal Spark reignition. About 2 minutes and 37 seconds left or about 346 m/s left in the burn.

KSC- *More Cheering*


Ruth- About 179 m/s left.


Ruth- We've successfully reached orbit! AP at about 94 kilometers and PE at about 84 kilometers.

Peter- Now sending back an image of the Mun with the SM's cameras.

KSC- *Even more cheering*

Peter- It's been a pleasure to work with you, Ruth!

Ruth- Likewise! I'm looking forward to our work aboard the Flak Station!


Peter- Now preparing and calculating our encounter burn.

Ruth- I'll check it when you're done.

About a minute later...

Peter- I've got a rough estimate that puts us at 900 meters away from the Flak Station.

Ruth- This seems solid, let's pass it back to the KSC.

KSC- Give us a moment, our computers and mathematicians are crunching the numbers, maybe about 10 minutes before we can say for sure.

(10 Minutes Later)

KSC- Kelsen-2, your calculations are accurate, please proceed with the planned burn in 2 hours and 44 minutes.

Ruth- Thanks, we're going to sign off for now until T-5 minutes till burn.


Author's Note: I accidentally skipped past the burn and so I used some, shall we say, unorthodox measures to get the Kelsen-2 to the station.

(After the Burn, Rendevous, and Docking)


Peter- Before we open the hatch and enter Flak Station we'd like to thank every Kerbal who directly contributed to Ruth and I getting here. We're hoping that AtomicTech's new intiative helps to bring the Kerbal race back to its interplanetary glory.

Ruth- Our future lies in the stars and it's here, knocking at our door, wanting to get our attention and ready to move on. We've got a brief moment in which this is possible. To every young Kerbal, I want to tell you that we're up here for you and so that you can wake up everyday knowing that your future is in good hands.

Peter- Ruth, would you like to do the honors?

Ruth- I'd love to! KSC, are we ready to move forward?

KSC- For everyone here on Kerbin, you're clear to proceed!

*Various Hatch Related Noises*

Ruth- Wow! This place still smells like a new tire!

Peter- Yeah, this was abandoned and decommissioned before any crew visited it.


Ruth Fischer and Peter Green are slated to stay aboard the Flak Station for 100 Days, preparing it for inhabitation after a 30 year stay in orbit.




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Comments about the Game, Story, Life, etc. from the Author:

-I'm going to do all the writing during the week and the gameplay during the weekend for starters so I'd estimate about a chapter or two a week.

-Also, this isn't a static release time, life happens y'know!

-I'm also working on getting my USI mods to work again so it's possible that I'm going to have to use the fun cheats debug menu to change the Life Support from Snacks! to USI-LS.

-I'm also looking into adding OhScrap! so I can get managable part failures.

-I'm also pondering of recreating this in a Career Mode game so I can collect science and get cash money along with it. Just so I don't get bored.

-Finally I hope you enjoy my work and have as much fun reading it as I have writing it!

Edited by AtomicTech
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I was fighting with my computer this weekend but I did collect the screenshots required for the second chapter. I have to postpone Ch. 2 another week, maybe even another week because I'm going to be busy with a tournament. I'll still have Sunday, if it isn't too busy, to collect gameplay screenshots. 

The plan currently, if everything goes well, is to release Chapters 2 and 3 next week, sorry about the delay.

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Some constructive criticism: there seems to be a lot of "Forgotten Space Program" influence here. This is not a bad thing, and don't be afraid to draw from it, but do your own thing at the same time, which you've got a good start on already.

On 11/3/2021 at 11:06 AM, BekfastDerp13 said:

If you don't put a LES on your rockets, it saves weight. "No safety, only space!"


On 11/3/2021 at 11:58 AM, AtomicTech said:


I just like it for the aestheic purposes.

Even if, uh, I know that it doesn't really work.

Proposal: LES engineered to allow the crew capsule an abort to orbit.

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I added a few some recovery mods but most importantly ScrapYard and OhScrap!


Day 2, Part 1:


The Heads of the various departments at the AtomicTech Inc. HQ decided that they would try to save money and do all their spacecraft testing themselves.

They wheeled out the prototype Gamma M Core in the late evening and left Celeste and a team of engineers and scientists to take care of all the pre-flight preparations. Morning came and Celeste hopped into the MK-1 Lander Can and prepared the Engine for testing.


Celeste- Deploying Solar Panels and pre-throtting engine.

KSC- Everything's functioning on our side, all reading nominal.

Celeste- Engine activating in 3...2...1...0!

*Loud rumbling*


Celeste- Gimbaling down.


Celeste- Gimbaling Up!


Celeste- Gimbaling to the Right.


Celeste- Resetting Engine position.

KSC- Atmospheric sensors aren't reporting anything out of the ordinary, proceed on the next series of tests with throttling as a primary aspect.


Author's Note: For some reason I didn't take any screenshots of these tests.

Celeste- Throttling tests complete! 

KSC- Begin the final series of tests with engine burnout as a primary aspect.




Celeste- Engine shutdown imminent! KSC, get your eyes on this!

KSC- Observation crews deployed!




Celeste- Testing complete! Engine shutdown successful!

KSC- Glad to hear it!

Celeste- How soon will we get to take a look at the data?

KSC- As soon as we get you off the testing stand we'll send out the AtomicTech Engineers and Scientists to collect it!

Celeste- Okay, prepping testing environment for data collection.


Day 2, Part 2:


ColonyCo, before the Space Industry Extinction, was working on a CX series, meant to be the next generation of  heavy lifters. Funding however was cut short and only three CX prototypes were ever constructed. Each one was carefully preserved in the ColonyCo Archival Warehouse near the Cove Launch Site. The founder of ColonyCo's son, Kerbil Kershman, graciously donated the prototypes and their related documents in return for a small favor. 

The CX-II was a smaller size prototype that would test the S3 KS-25 after a long period of disuse and the landing procedures. The eventual goal was to get up to anywhere from five to seven S3 KS-25's with a much larger tank with it being named the CX-VI.

Kershman and Vieira lead the testing as the head engineers while a small smattering of scientists and engineers assisted in data collection and processing. The autopilot wasn't quite finished so Roland Weber, a rookie pilot fresh out of the academy, was assigned as a back-up pilot.

The CX-II was wheeled out to the Dessert Launch Site in the late evening.


Kershman- Engine ignition nominal!

Vieira- All fuel flow architecture at functioning levels.

Kershman- Keep engines running until about 3.5 to 3.75 kM.

Vieira- Copy that.

Kershman- Weber, report!

Weber- It handles like a dream! The gimbal of the KS-25 coupled with the strategically placed RCS ports allow it to handle any disturbances!

Kershman- Glad to hear it!


Weber- Engine cut-off confirmed!

Vieira- All systems nominal, save for something with the HECS2. It seems to be drawing too much power. 

Kershman- I'd suspect something with the regulator. Let's leave it as it and see how it behaves. 

Weber- What about the RGU?

Vieira- All RC-L01 systems nominal, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary!

Kershman- Excellent! Let's run a landing leg test to verify the hardware!


Weber- Sending command.

Vieira- Command received, ship executing action group.

Kershman- Eyewitness reports confirm a successful landing leg deployment.

*Loud Cheering!*


Vieira- Descent beginning. Weber, confirm CX-II is holding Radial out relative to the surface.

Weber- CX-II is holding radial out with help from the RCS. Surface speed at 200 m/s.

Kershman- Ignite engines around 1000 m.


Weber- Engines successfully lit! Gently guiding the CX-II to the surface.


Vieira- Detecting a complete failure of the HECS2 regulator. Weber, get the CX-II on the surface soon.

Kershman- Stay calm Weber, switch control to the RC-L01.

Weber- Switching control point.


Vieira- HECS2 offline, reboot unavailable.

*Loud Gasps inside Mission Control*

Weber- T-4 seconds till touch down!


Weber- Touchdown successful!

*Loud cheering and many coffee mugs thrown*

Kershman- Excellent work Weber!

Vieira- Awesome job Weber!

*More Cheering*

After a tense last few moments, the CX-II was carefully brought down to a soft landing on Year 1, Day 1, at 5:44:46.


Day 2, Part 3:


Back at the KSC, spirits were high and everyone was excited for the launch of LuniCom-1, the first step in creating a strong relay system that would, once again, reconnect the Kerbol System for later travelling Kerbonauts. A Keltan Deluxe, with nine engines over the seven of the Keltan Light, was mounted with some experimental solid rocket boosters from the Refurbishment Division and was rolled out to the launch pad for its grand voyage to the Mun.

KSC- Launch in 5...4...3...2...1...0... Lift off!

*Loud Gasps and a few faints*


KSC- We've had a serious failure! SRB's three and four have failed to light. 

Head of Engineering, Alex Keleftheriates- We've already tried to re-light them three times! We recommend a jettison of the boosters ASAP.

KSC- Command sent and executed.


KSC- Throtting down to reduce efficiency losses.


KSC- Maintaining steep ascent due to off-set thrust.


KSC- SRB's jettisoned successfully. Throtting up.


KSC- Pitching over.


KSC- Throttling up to maximum.

Keleftheriates- All systems nomial. Continue the fight for flight!


Keleftheriates- Passing 14,000 m. Flight execution possible at this time.

KSC- We'll continue the flight as planned. 


Keleftheriates- Serious issue detected! Upper stage prematurely decoupled!

KSC- Can we shut down the lower stage?

Keleftheriates- Not possible, the Keltan Deluxe wasn't built with a lower stage probe control point. Shut down the Poodle, we may still have a chance to recover this mission!

KSC- Sending command.


Keleftheriates- Gold dang it!

KSC- What's going on now?

Keleftheriates-  We've got a leak in both of the Oxidizer tanks!

KSC- What can we do?

Keleftheriates- All we can do now is collect performance data, nothing more...

KSC- Sending command to burn Poodle to completion.


KSC- How the heck did this leak happen!?

Keleftheriates- I'd reckon that our testing contractor's been fudging up and making results.

*Transmission cut for various reasons*


KSC- Keltan Upper Stage jettison command executed, only two SRB's were lit. Mission failure, shut down all LuniCom probes.


Day 2, Part 4:


The KSC only had two flights left for the day, a brief test of a new command pod and a communcations relay test fire.

The transmission and voice logs for the flight, for some reason, can't be found, only a few clips remain. 






The failure wasn't recepted well.


Day 2, Part 5:

The final test of the day, a Kerbin Relay Satellite, was postponed while the large Hydrazine mess was contained and cleared. 


The test consisted of multiple data transmissions, an RCS test, a fuel cell test, and an engine test.








After a long day successes and failures, the engineers, scientists, pilots, and other bureaucratic administratos chalked up their losses and prepared for the next day of pushing the boundaries of the aerospace industry.



Edited by AtomicTech
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On 11/8/2021 at 2:49 PM, Vagrant203 said:

Some constructive criticism: there seems to be a lot of "Forgotten Space Program" influence here. This is not a bad thing, and don't be afraid to draw from it, but do your own thing at the same time, which you've got a good start on already.

The left over infrastructure is more or less an excuse for me to just build a space station/surface base and just cheat/yeet it over to it's desired location. I'm still aiming to send space stations and surface bases to every planet by hand, with some help from RoutineMissionManager.

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Author's Post-Writing Notes:

  • I already have the screenshots for Chapter 3. I just haven't uploaded it to ibb.co and I won't do so until Sunday or Saturday.
  • As much as I like ScrapYard and OhScrap, I just don't have the time to play with it.
  • If my recollection's correct, Ch. 3's going to be short as I didn't have nearly enough time to create content. I was out Friday and Saturday with those two being the only days of the week, asides from Sunday, where I play KSP.
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  • 2 weeks later...




I'm starting to lose track of my mods!



Chapter 3, Day 9

Strapped for cash after various failures and the de-orbiting of the Flak Station due to a serious structural failure, AtomicTech Inc.'s investors were threatening to pull the plug on the company, leaving only the CEO, James Kervin, to foot the bill. In a mad dash, Kervin quickly gathered the various groups and divisions with in the company. Within the hour, a new rocket, upper stage booster, and mission was authorized. Jochen Schnelder, from the Engineering Division was chosen as the pilot for the mission. 


The rocket consisted of the ATSRB-LV1 lower stage, ATEUS-IS1 upper stage, and a mock-up CSM turned spacecraft hardware.

Schnelder was wheeled out to the launchpad and let the KSC's remote control pilots carry the vehicle to orbit.







Schnelder- Instruments detecting plasma on the sides of the spacecraft.


Schnelder- Uh guys? It seems to be getting worse.

KSC- There's not really much we can do. Just hold on a bit longer.


Schnelder- *Turns off VOX, proceeds to scream in terror.*


Schnelder- It seems to be subsiding! Hopefully we're in the clear now!



Schnelder- Manually jettisoning the LES. Assuming command of all systems. Thanks RC pilots.


Schnelder- Coasting a bit before separating from lower stage.


Schnelder- Clean sep. KSC!




Schnelder- Deploying Solar Panels.



Schnelder- Lighting Orbital Insertion SRBs.


Schnelder- Huh, it didn't seem like the insertion SRB's didn't do much. Oh well, lighting upper stage Lqf+Ox engine.



Schnelder- Sending back an image of Kerbin from the Capsule's Camera.


Schnelder- Orbital Insertion Complete!

KSC- Glad to hear it! 


KSC- We'll let you coast until we come up with your munar insertion burn.


KSC- We've prepared your burn. We're transmitting it now.

Schnelder- Wait, you want me to do in 54 seconds!?

KSC- Hey! It's all about the optimization!

Schnelder- Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.


Schnelder- Executing burn.

KSC- You're a bit early on the burn.

Schnelder- We've got the fuel. We're fine.


Schnelder- Almost done.


Schnelder- Okay! That's that! 

KSC- Okay, you've got until Day 11, Hour 0, Minute 32. Then we'll go over some mission plans.

Schnelder- Great. Two days of being in this cramped can until the next mentally stimulating activity.


Schnelder- Okeanic-1 reporting back in to the KSC

KSC- Okay, the plan is for a brief EVA on Day 15, Hour 4, Minute 0.

Schnelder- Whoo. I get to squeeze myself out of this can only to try to pry myself back in after a few minutes.

KSC- This is more of a tech demo and proving that we are still capable as a company. We discussed this at length on Day 5.

Schnelder- Okay. 


Schnelder- KSC, be advised, we seem to be under a Kerbinar Eclipse.

KSC- We'll proceed as planned, just take extra precautions.


Schnelder- Oh? There seems to be light?

KSC- Thank the Kraken!


Schnelder- Man! This is so much more beautiful than I expected!

KSC- We can't really see anything through your suit cam. Can you turn on your suit light?


KSC- The images that're coming in are much better!  Schnelder please be advised that you seem to be floating.

Schnelder- I've always wanted to to it.

KSC- *Incoherant grumbling.*



Schnelder- Alright, I think I've raised KSC CapCom's blood pressure enough. I'll go under EVA pack power.


Schnelder- Grabbing back onto the Okeanic-1 and getting back in.

KSC- Thanks for the images, the few that we got. We'll leave you to your devices until Day 16, Hour 0, Minute 35.

Schnelder- All right! It's a date!


KSC- Okeanic-1, Okeanic-1. Come in!

Schnelder- Okeanic-1 here.

KSC- We'll take control of the upper stage booster upon sep. and deorbit it.



KSC- It's done! Only about two hours till you need to begin re-entry proceedures.

Schnelder- Copy that.


KSC- Are all systems prepped?

Schnelder- Yes. We're good to go.

KSC- The guys and gals in engineering want you to keep the Service Module attatched and fire it through re-entry.

Schnelder- It sounds dangerous, stupid, ill-advised.

KSC- So you don't want to do it?

Schnelder- Tell those losers that they're buying me a round at @Caerfinon's tavern.



Schnelder- Atmospheric contact imminent.

KSC- We'll see you on the other side!














Schnelder- KSC, KSC, Come in. This is the Okeanic-1 reporting in,

KSC- We're all relieved to hear your voice again!

Schnelder- I'm glad to be back home!


KSC- Hey! We've got good news!

Schnelder- What is it?

KSC- After seeing your spacewalk, the CEO of ColonyCo reached out to us, giving us a small contract for a Dunar mission.

Schnelder- That's fabulous! I'm not going up there, am I?

KSC- No, I think that we've decided to move you back to the engineering department.

Schnelder- What a relief. 



Schnelder- Deploying chutes.


Schnelder- About 200 meters from the ground.

KSC- Scrambling our recovery teams to your location. Expect them within the hour!


Schnelder- Sending back an image from the command pod's camera. It almost looks like the images from Duna by the crew of the DunarExpress.

KSC- I'd be inclined to agree!


Schnelder- Touchdown!

KSC- *Loud cheering and many more coffee mugs thrown.*

Schnelder- Sounds like y'all are as happy as I am to be back!

KSC- It looks like our insurance rates went up! Bilbo Kerbman just swan dove into his terminal!

Schnelder- *Chuckling* Sounds like Bilbo.









Schnelder- Sending back a Selfie!

With the conclusion of the Okeanic-1 Mission, AtomicTech Inc. could continue its mission and it's funding mostly restored. The next mission that waited for them promised to be no less forgiving or cheaper.





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Mods: I Need to Check, Again.




After Schnelder's Trip to the Mun, AtomicTech Inc. immediately plunged into its latest contract, restoring ColonyCo.'s Dunar Operations and claiming it as their own. All the previous Kerbonauts who had already flown were quickly promoted into more senior positions and were given oversight of this mission. Ruth Fischer was appointed CapCom and Head of Experimental Spacecraft, Peter Green as backup CapCom and Head of Engineering, Celeste Vieira as the Head of Manufacturing, Roland Weber as Head of the Kerbonauts Department, and Jochen Schnelder as the Engineering Secretary for the CEO of AtomicTech Inc. 

Alexandria "Alex" Becker, Finnbogel "Fibin" Thorlacius, Elisabeta "Liz" Prishtina, were among the newest class of Kerbonauts and deemed young and stupid flexible enough to fly this mission.


The Red Mars 1, Launched by a Gamma Super Heavy 2.1+, was assembled at the KSC2, an old testing site. Using two Gamma Regular Cores, and a Gamma Deluxe Core, this rocket is the most powerful in AtomicTech Inc.'s Gamma Series and could've easily put the Red Mars 1 Payload safely into orbit and done part of its escape burn.


KSC: Red Mars One, you're clear for liftoff.

Alex: 3...2...1... Liftoff!


Fibin: Man! This Gamma Heavy packs a punch! 

Alex: I'm going to transfer control of the Gamma Heavy back to y'all.

KSC: Control recieved. You're in safe hands, don't worry!





KSC: Beginning pitch over and roll manuver.




KSC- Once y'all get into orbit, we'll share your launch footage, it's absolutely spectacular!


Alex- Passing 3300 meters. We'll take control back to execute the roll carefully.

KSC- Copy that.



Alex- Sending control back to y'all.

KSC- Control received.



KSC- Receiving reports of plume expansion, confirming that the altimeter is working.


Liz- With our external cameras, we can see the curvature of Kerbin! I've never seen it in person!

Fibin- It's always neat to see! It reminds me of the time when I was a kiddo and the local hardware store mistakenly got some SRBs instead of a few copies of the Steven Rekerman's Bold Album. I bought them all, strapped them together with some Kerduck Adhesive Tape and flew up to 20kM. The next thing I remember was waking up in the KSC's hospital with Werner Von Kerman standing next to me, grinning.

Alex- Save your war stories for a later time, we've got to be especially careful, specifically because of our lack of LES.

Fibin- Fair Point.






Alex- Staging Gamma Stage 1.

Fibin- Clean sep. confirmed!


Alex- We'll take back control of the Gamma. Thanks KSC.

KSC- Copy that, it's in your hands.


KSC- Rookies! Prepare to pass the Karmen Line!


Alex- Fairing Deployment.

KSC- Congratulations Alex, Fibin, and Liz! If you reach under your seats, you'll find your golden Kerbonaut Wings. Y'all have earned it.

*Cheering inside the Red Mars One Cabin.*



Alex- Engine cut-off and coasting up to AP.


Alex- Executing orbital insertion burn.


Liz- Sending back a selfie from the cabin.

KSC- One for the history books!



Alex- Main engine cut-off. Coupling and Lighting the Nuclear Engines.



Alex- Burn complete! We're now safely in LKO!

*Cheering at the KSC Mission Control Room*

KSC- We're glad to hear it! We've almost finished calculating your Duna burn. It's a bit harder with the inclined orbit.

Alex- Why couldn't we've launched out of the KSC, like normal?

KSC- Due to the number of radioactive materials aboard your spacecraft.

Alex- But isn't the KSC rated and equipped to handle radioactive waste?

KSC- Yes but we're only allowed by government regulation a certain amount of radioactive elements.

Alex- I see.



Fibin- Sending an image from within the descent cabin.



KSC- Sending up the KE Burn.

Alex- Received and executing.











Alex- If our computer's calculations are correct, we're on a trajectory that reaches Duna's SOI.


Alex- Popped out for a quick selfie.


KSC- ColonyCo.'s sent us the access codes for their Kalipso Station. We're relaying them to you now.



KSC- They've also confirmed that it was still working autonomous with their Dunar Relay Orbiter but they don't have any way to connect to it.


Alex- Alright, we'll look over the data you've sent us.

KSC- We've also begun calculations on your mid-course correction. They'll happen around Day 195 of your mission.



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