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WW2 alternate timeline German vs USA

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I was  doing some thinking about a context for a late WW2 aircraft design as I thought builds around this time period could be very fun and interesting.

The theatre I came up with us an alternate timeline where the Luftwaffe wins the battle of Britain and successful occupies Great Britain. After this they successfully defeat Soviet forces and are then preparing for attacks on the United States.

My vision would be that this war would be fought at Sea and in the Air. German forces from occupied Britain would fight for Iceland and Greenland in the North fighting against Canadian and some of the United States forces, whilst the United States Navy would try to hold Atlantic island chains in the South against German forces from Spain and North Africa. 

I imagine that Germany would have ramped up production of the Me262 whilst still producing late war Bf 109s and Fw 190s.  Germany will have also completed their production models of Hitler's Amerikbomber which would threaten Cities like New York.

My idea is that the USA would be forced to rush jets into production to counter the Me262. They would use jet engines sent from the British that they would reverse engineer to produce their own. Early jets were slow to enter production and were notoriously unreliable and had very short range so the US airforce and navy would need new piston aircraft capable of holding their own.

Im curious if anyone else has any thoughts on where US aircraft design would have gone if they were forced to keep innovating and if the war was to be fought on this front.  Also im going to be designing some aircraft with this theatre in mind using Realism Overhaul and Real Solar system if anyone wants to share some design ideas or specifications for new aircraft

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Well, it is hard to say for sure, but aircraft that were historically produced only in small numbers and then cancelled because of the end of the war would become frontline aircraft.

For prop aircraft, this would namely be the P-51H. For jets, you would have the P-80, with the P-59 still cancelled in order to increase P-80 production. The P-80 was developed with little to no British support, so it could be expected to look the same despite the change in the timeline.

Assuming Germany produces aircraft like the Messerschmitt P.1101 as a successor or supplement to the Me 262, America would probably build its own "next gen" replacement for the P-80. Without data from the Me 262, development might have taken a little longer, but a sort of pseudo-F-86 might have come to fruition, less sleek, but superficially similar.

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