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KSP 2 Achievement Ideas

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"Diggy diggy hole" - Use ISRU for the first time.

"Extreme boating" - Use a boat on somewhere other than Kerbin.

"That's how I roll" - Drive 10 kilometers.

"Pull up! Pull up!" - Crash a plane.

"Interstellar music" - Dock two craft while spinning.

"Close encounter" - Get within 10 meters of a body's surface at interplanetary speeds.

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No, Jeb...: Fly under the R&D bridge.

No, Jeb!: Fly under the Astronaut Complex portico.

NO, JEB!!!: Fly through the R&D tunnel.

Are you forklift certified?: Construct a colony building using the BAE.

That's not the "boom event" we meant!: Destroy a colony building by crashing into it.

The future's glowing bright!: Build a nuclear reactor for a colony.

The floor is lava!: Build a geothermal power plant for a colony.

Oh, grow up, Jeb...: Build a wind power plant for a colony.

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21 hours ago, poopslayer78 said:

Always wished there was a "Return from the surface of Eve" achievement for KSP1.  Would still like it in KSP2 but the new engines may make this less impressive.

Perhaps engine type could be a parameter of the achievement, like, "Return from the surface of Eve using only methalox engines" or something similar.

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3 hours ago, Abel101126 said:

Suicide...Sort of:Blow up a spacecraft using another spacecraft's nuclear engine.

Murderer:Kill 100 Kerbals.

Let’s please not incentivize violence. If people want to be violent then sure, but definitely don’t provide any incentive for it. If anything, provide an incentive for the opposite:

Look Ma, no Fuel!: transfer between two SOIs safely without propulsion (use a mass driver)

R-Selection: grow your population to 10,000 kerbals. 

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"Infinity has been reached." Make a successful figure 8 orbit around rask and rusk. (if that will be possible)

"MY EYE!" Crash land on Puf's ocean where it's pupil would be.

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10 hours ago, Bej Kerman said:

No. "Coriolis effect" or something, "interstellar music" just isn't an achievement name. It isn't even a name. I can't be sure this is even grammatically correct.

The achievement name really should be "No Time for Caution", given what that is even referencing.

Also, "Interstellar music" is 100% grammatically correct, although it's clunky.

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