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Go At Throttle Up | An RSS/RO Alternate Shuttle History


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The Space Shuttle was the first orbital spacecraft designed to be reused, and allowed routine access to spaceflight at a low price. Unfortunately after 2 tragic disasters and mismanagement it never seemed to be that way, and many feel it did not live up to all its original goals. Using Kerbal Space Program's Real Solar System mod and obeying the real Shuttles capabilities, I would like to showcase a different path, through an alternate history where the Space Shuttle is utilized to its true potential. Some of you who are familiar with the Shuttles history may recognize some real-world additions in this timeline, and if they have been adjusted. I hope that you enjoy this showcase and that it might entertain or educate some readers about lesser known parts of the Space Shuttles long history. Mission reports will be in Imgur albums and are dependent on my schedule but I will try to get at least two out every week

This KSP save using Realistic Progression 1 started out in the 1950s with experimental aircraft and suborbital science rockets. The launch history has mostly followed real world history, running through the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab programs. Over 150 unmanned U.S. satellite launches have been recreated, and highlights of noteworthy missions will be included in a bonus mention at the end of each Shuttle mission report.

The entire mod list is quite long although can be installed easily using CKAN. Below is the mods important to the Space Shuttle, with the entire list in the hidden section


Full Mod List- 155 Mods

  • Click Through Blocker
  • Filter Extensions
  • Harmony
  • KSPBurst
  • Blizzy Toolbar
  • ToolbarControl
  • KSP-Recall
  • Advanced Jet Engine
  • ASET
  • ATK Propulsion Pack
  • Atmospheric Autopilot
  • B9 Aerospace Procedural Wings
  • B9 Part Switch
  • BahaSP
  • Parts of Bluedog Design Bureau
  • Camera Tools
  • Cape Canaveral Pads
  • Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus
  • Community Category Kit
  • Community Resource Pack
  • Conformal Decals
  • Contract Configurator
  • Craft Manager
  • Custom Barn Kit
  • Custom Parachute Message
  • Custom Pre Launch Checks
  • Deployable Engines
  • Distant Object
  • DMagicOrbitalScience
  • DMagicScienceAnimate
    Easy Vessel Switch
  • Editor Extensions Redux
  • Engine Group Controller
  • Environmental Visual Enhancments
  • FASA
  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Firespitter
  • FS Hangar Extender
  • HabTech2
  • HabTechProps
  • htRobotics
  • Hull Camera
  • Internal RCS
  • JSI
  • Katniss Parts Pack
  • Kerbalism
  • Kerbal Joint Reinforcement
  • Kerbal Konstructs
  • Kerbal Renamer
  • Kerbal Reusability Expansion
  • Kopernicus
  • Kerbal Operating System
  • KSC Switcher
  • KSP Community Fixes
  • KSP Wheel
  • MagiCore
  • MagicSmokeIndustries Infernal Robotics
  • MechJeb2
  • Modular Flight Integrator
  • Modular Launch Pads
  • ModuleManagerWatchDog
  • NavHud
  • Navyfish Docking Port Alignment Indicator
  • Near Future Construction
  • Near Future Exploration
  • Near Future Solar
  • NEBULA Decals
  • Omega's Stock Alike Structures
  • Patch Manager
  • Photon Corp
  • Physics Ranger Extender
  • PlanetShine
  • PlumeParty
  • Poods 4K Milky Way Skybox
  • Procedural Fairings
  • Procedural Parts
  • RCS Build Aid
  • RealAntennas
  • RealChute
  • RealFuels
  • RealHeat
  • RealismOverhaul
  • RealPlume
  • RealScaleBoosters
  • RealSolarSystem
  • reDIRECT
  • ReentryParticleEffect
  • reStock
  • reStockPlus
  • RetractableLiftingSurface
  • RaiderNick Skylab
  • RaiderNick Soviet Rockets
  • RaiderNick Soyuz
  • RaiderNick US Probes
  • RaiderNick US Rockets
  • RO Capsules
  • RocketMotorMenagerie
  • RO Library
  • RO Solar
  • RO Tanks
  • Realistic Progression 1
  • RSS Canaveral HD
  • RSS Date and Time Format
  • RSS Visual Enhancments
  • SCANsat
  • Scatterer
  • Shabby
  • Ship Manifest
  • Simple Adjustable Fairings
  • SmokeScreen
  • SOCKRecolored
  • SolverEngines
  • Space Shuttle System
  • Squad
  • Squad Expansion
  • SXT
  • Tantares
  • TestFlight
  • TextureReplacer
  • TrackingStationEvolved
  • Trajectories
  • TriggerTech
  • TUFX
  • TundraExploration
  • TundraSpaceCenter
  • TundraTechnologies
  • TweakScale
  • TweakScaleCompanion
  • Vens Stock Part Revamp
  • WASD Editor Camera
  • Waterfall
  • World Stabilizer
  • ZeroMiniAVC


This project of mine has been in the works for more than 4 months before posting, and everything in it would not have been possible without the work of the creators of all the mods listed above, and the entire RSS/RO/RP-1 team

Special thanks to @Stonesmile for help with getting the awesome Shuttle by @benjee10 into RSS

More to come

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I've noticed that your shuttle doesn't use the standard vertical stabilizer from SOCK, or at least it has a different texture, since that particular tile arrangement seen on Columbia and Challenger isn't present in SOCK to my knowledge. Also, are your SSMEs from a different mod? They look really nice.

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