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Kal controler doesn't work

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Hello, like all ksp fans, I did a "perseverance" mission on duna.
 Except that when it comes time to activate the wheel deployment sequence, nothing happens.
 Then looking inside the controller all my presets have disappeared while during the design and the test phases on kerbin everything is going well.
 Moreover my rover is electrically powered and is connected to kerbin by three satellites in geostationary orbit.
 So I don't understand why it doesn't work XD

Thanks for helping me and thanks in advance ;)

PS: I can't change the angle of my rotors to put my straight wheels in manual mode
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it happens sometimes that the programming on a kal controller gets lost. I'm not sure exactly on when, it's been a while since i last built a ship using it, but i did remember having similar problems.

on the plus side, i am fairly sure you can change the programming in flight, so you can reload to before atmospheric reentry and fix the issue

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