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A capsule for Tosh's Cart

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I use a simple and straightforward capsule on a cart idea

This is the rocket in the VAB..... note the large number of structs


And this is the capsule back on Kerbin after a quick test launch to make sure the concept worked


In the event of a real mun landing, the upper stage is released about a second before touch down and then flies off for crash

The landing legs are there to stablish the touchdown if you are on a slope or rough ground

Of course theres no way home for our intrepid explorers, but replacing the cart with a crew tank soon solves that problem.


And of course, with different 3rd stage engines, it can get to other planets too

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How am I supposed to get the DEMV to pretty much anywhere outside of orbiting and get back to Kerbin?
Use the docking mod, and attach one to your lander, and another to the DEMV. When you're landed, just undock the DEMV and float the crew in, and then do the opposite once you're done. Take off as normal.
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