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Tweakscale Crew Bug

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Hi Asaia22. If you're fairly certain it's Tweakscale then post it on that thread. Do you have the dependencies installed? Are you using CKAN? Also post your log files and describe it in more detail... are you adding Tweakscale to an existing save game? They disappear from ships in space already or when you move a ship from the editor to the launchpad? I haven't seen this specific problem before.


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On 2/25/2022 at 1:25 PM, Asaia22 said:

everytime i try to use  tweakscale. the crew dissapears making the craft unusable, i can only use unmanned probes. can anyone help?

Since KSP 1.8 (IRRC) there's code on KSP that prevents me to scaling up the Crew capacity, but KSP was still allowing me to scale the Crew capacity down.

What you are describing is, apparently, something going wrong with the CrewCapacity scaling.

Weirdly enough, I detected this behaviour right now while playing with KSP, and was trying to diagnose the problem when this thread came to my attention - saving me some work! Thanks for the report.

I already have a KSP-Recall release scheduled for today. After releasing it, I will pursue a fix for this problem.

However… The fix may be revoking TweakScale for crewed parts. :( Unless I have a bug on TweakScale's code related to Crew Capacity, this may be related to KSP trying to prevent TweakScale from scaling this attribute. But I'm guessing right now.

I will come back to soon ASAP.

— — EDIT — — 

It's not TweakScale!!!!  I made some tests using Stock crewed parts and all of them worked fine!

There's some parts that are causing the problem, I don't know why yet. Right now, I detected that SXT's KN-225 "Osaul Payload" Cockpit has this problem, but other's SXT's cockpits have not!!!

Please send me the craft file where the problem happens. I want to compare your craft with mine to see if I detected something different from the working parts and equal to the Osaul Payload Cockpit that can hint me about the problem!

In time, I reproduced the problem using Osaul Payload Cockpit on KSP 1.7 3 and KSP 1.9.1 - so this is something not exactly new… o.O

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