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Mission Builder - Need help creating a stable loop


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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need some assistance in creating a basic mission in the Mission Builder. I'm trying to build a mission where users can learn about traffic patterns around airports, and I'd like them to be able to fly the pattern as many times as they'd like, then end the mission by landing and coming to a stop. The hope is that they could practice touch-and-go's, go-around's, or just fly the pattern to get familiar with it.

What I have so far is the bare bones version of what I'm trying to create, as I wanted to be sure I could get the core functionality working before I started in on messages and scoring and things like that.

I have each Fly-Through "Turn" objective set so that it won't activate just once, but the issue I'm running into currently is that after I Fly Through "Final Turn" all four of the Fly Through objectives start cycling rapidly one after the other.

I've tried having them all marked as "Activate Once Only" which stops that endless looping, but doesn't let me pass any of the Fly Through objectives again (obviously). I tried to add in an Always True in a couple spots but couldn't get it to work like I wanted to. Does anyone have any recommendations for how I could get this to work? Thanks in advance.

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