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11 gamebreaking bugs and issues

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- there is no way to tell the game what part will be controlled after seperation if you have a drone mothership. you can bind "control from here" to an action group but that doesnt do the same thing as clicking it in the tooltip and you couldnt bind it to a specific stage anyway. the only way is doing it manually.
- when bruteforcing timewarp (spamming the button) while entering the influence of another body, the game might get confused and you wont get the predicted result path
- kerbin -> mun -> minmus -> ... who in their right mind would say "eve" in this order?
- when rearranging stages in flight or manually activating some, you cannot activate the next stage with the space bar
- when you have any tooltip or context menu open, all keyboard input gets ignored.. often causing you to miss the right moment to cancel acceleration or timewarp
- your landed vehicles start jumping when their physics get enabled (and even if they just jumped by 1m/s, since they are suborbital now they will get destroyed when you leave (eg. to space center) that moment)
- it's insanely difficult to select one of two very close vehicles in the orbital view (making switching vehicles very annoying)
- the manuever planner should also show the next orbit's intersections as this can often be a huge hassle
- please add radial seperators that don't leave behind any weight on either side
- gamepad support is pretty awful https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/207229-gamepad-support/
- atmospheres dont dampen signals https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/207222-atm-occlusion-setting-pointless/

i know "gamebreaking" might be an exaggeration but the sum of all these problems can create a pretty bad experience

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I think several of your problems would be solved just by using the [ and ] keys to switch vessels at close range, or by clicking the orbit lines to switch vessels from map view when they’re beyond physics range. As for the rest:

  • Yes, timewarping through SOI changes can bork your trajectory; that’s why the game slows down in the first place.
  • You don’t have to go to Eve after Kerbin, but much like real life it’s a good target for early probes- it’s pretty easy to get there, you get more solar power so need fewer/smaller panels and transfer windows open pretty regularly too. You can also lob landers at it, use winged aircraft very effectively in the thick air and even send boats or amphibious rovers to explore the surface. The alternative targets are either Moho, which has very high delta-V requirements, or Duna, which needs more solar power and has a wimpy atmosphere that might just support a parachute assisted powered landing, plus the perpetual hazard of Ike waiting to throw you back into solar orbit.
  • If your staging isn’t working, try adding a blank stage at the bottom and staging that; alternatively you might need to clear input locks in the debug window. Staging doesn’t work in map view as far as I know, probably to avoid fat-fingering the button and getting stranded.
  • The only times I’ve seen UI windows prevent control inputs is with MechJeb windows; all the stock ones will behave the same whether you have UI windows open or not.
  • Atmospheres don’t interact with communication signals at all- the different connection settings for atmospheric and airless bodies is intended to imitate either signal refraction through the atmosphere (allowing connections when line-of-sight is blocked by terrain) or signal reflection off the atmosphere (blocking connections that go through the atmosphere), but there’s no attenuation anywhere except during re-entry and that’s a separate option.
  • You can make your own radial separators using cubic octagonal struts and stack decouplers- attach the cubic struts radially, attach the “top” node of the decoupler to one end of the strut and then attach the stuff you want to separate to the “bottom” decoupler node, then a bit of part rotating and moving to make it look nice. The decoupler will leave with the booster and all you’re left with are tiny, physicsless cubic struts hidden inside the body of your craft contributing minimal mass.
  • Turn down spring strengths and turn up damper strengths on landing legs and wheels to avoid the jumping on load problem, and wait until they’ve settled again before switching away. It’s only really a problem where the gravity is really low e.g. Gilly, where it takes a long time to float back down, and a brief burst of RCS can fix that.
  • If you want to see your trajectory several orbits in advance, put a second node after the first one and move it forwards a few orbits using the buttons either by right-clicking the node itself or in the node editor widget on the bottom left of the screen. You could also try increasing the patched conic limit. Having random interactions appearing many orbits after the one you’re interested in is a distraction.


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the staging gets screwed up pretty frequently for me, i think it's almost always fixed by pressing space twice - still pretty stupid that the game doesn't simply activate the last stage that only has parts that were not activated before

it seems like the game goes by ids and counts down some integer instead of dynamically looking what the last stage is and just activating it.

but i knew people would immediately jump in and tell me all these things were not so bad.
the point is that this is not a very polished experience tbh it's far from being polished.
and i didn't even mention the borked physics, unusable airplanes, mods getting broken with every update, bad graphics, balancing, unnecessary loading times etc.
these were all real issues that could easily be polished. no idea why you are defending the current state or tell me its my fault.
and to be honest some of your workarounds are really ridiculous.

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3 hours ago, pwn said:

unusable airplanes

they work for me, though I rarely have any use for them.

3 hours ago, pwn said:

mods getting broken with every update

thankfully to you, the active development is over so no more broken mods (which were a rare occurence anyway, and could happen either when mod was version locked, or when an update touched a bit of code the mod was using.)

3 hours ago, pwn said:

bad graphics

it's a 10.5 year old game. And even so, the revamp process, although unfinished, did wonders to the overall look of the game.

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I also have some bugs I want to complain about:

  • landing legs bounce up and down really high when landing on a body with high gravity;
  • when coming out of warp any landed craft jumps (and sometimes falls over)
  • docking ports break a craft in 2 after docking when rotation is set at opposite maximums;
  • every time I re-load a craft in the editors I have to set its save folder again, or else it's getting saved to the root folder;
  • deployable science solar panels do not produce energy sometimes (parts appear unpowered);
  • when digging for ore / processing, if I warp and then un-warp the parts on the craft overhead and sometimes explode;
  • my ship always slides when landed;
  • robotic parts (like servos) don't lock because of very small vibrations - this breaks part syncing;
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