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[1.12.x] Avali Space Program


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Avali Space Program is a little mod I created that adds a few Avali (an alien race most well-known from its appearance in a Starbound mod) as playable characters into the game. This mod doesn't replace the Kerbals, but rather adds the Avali alongside them. Avali astronauts will randomly appear for hire in the Astronaut Complex at the KSC. The mod simply swaps out the 3D model of the Kerbal head on the Avali astronauts. It is purely visual and doesn't change any gameplay.







All texture and animation assets are All Rights Reserved to me.

All 3D model assets are derived from the Da'vali VRC Avatar model, which is All Rights Reserved to Rai Kitamatsu and used here in compliance with the usage rules set forth by the asset's creator.

All plugin source code is distributed under the MIT License.

This project uses the Poiyomi Unity Shader, which is licensed under MIT.


All downloads are available on the GitHub repository here.


I've programmed the plugin to print additional error and debugging information into the game log in case of an error, so PLEASE provide me with your game log if you run into any issues. It will contain all the information I need to help you.

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On 4/2/2022 at 10:56 PM, GoldForest said:

@TheGhastModding How do the ears/feathers/whatever on the back of the head interact with the helmet? Do they clip or do they disappear when the helmet is on?

They clip. And there is really no way to fix this. Just gotta ignore it.

20 hours ago, Kakosnyndrarrant said:

quick question, how do we know that we have them?

Ah, you got me there. In the next update, I was going to add a config option to make all Kerbals into Avali. No more Kerbals. That'll be a sure way to find out its working. For now though, just look for any names in the Astronaut Complex that don't end it "Kerman".

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this is something i was not expecting to see one day
even that i am a furry [not in real life because WHY?]
i do not want to well ruin my Kerbals because i like the Kerbals and i don't want to change them but if there is a way to have Avalis and Kerbals  at the same time because that would be neat
if there is a way of having both Avalis and Kerbals at the same time tell me because it would be handy to know before getting this mod

EDIT: OH there is a way!

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did not read description
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Ive never seen a mod that replaces or adds other creatures next to Kerbals, this is so cool! Do you still plan to update the mod or is this finished? Because some people mentioned theres only a limited amount of Avali

edit: I tried it and its super cool! I wish the icons in the Astronaut Complex would also change, is that possible?

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Wow this mod is super cool! I wonder if there is a way to change the Astronaut Complex icons for Avalis. Also do you still plan to update this? Maybe add spacesuits specifically for the Avalis?

edit: sorry, I wanted to edit the last comment but the approval thingy hid it so I thought it got removed

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So, is this like Kerbal Space Ponies where there's a set group that come with the mod? The files in the release seem very bare to have the characters or models built in, with it being a .dll and a .ksp file and that's it. Am I missing something?


Edit: I was indeed. Looked in my persistence file and saw Talali, so it's working as intended!

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I still hope that this mod will be updated with a config file to replace all kerbals or just some of them, and the kerbal icons to show up as avalis, though I dont know how hard would that be to implement.

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Okay, it seems like it only spawns one of each of the avali. Each one has a name tied to its appearance. So instead of adding random character gen, its slowly weaving in eight avali into your save. Interesting.

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