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Project Starshot: Interstellar Frontiers-An epic adventure ft. Galaxies Unbound

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Project Starshot: Interstellar Frontiers-An epic adventure ft. Galaxies Unbound

The title is pretty much self-explanatory. The objective of this is to launch huge interstellar ships to some star systems in Galaxies Unbound without my computer crashing. The current star systems which i plan to explore are (the Galaxies Unbound kerbalized equivalents of): Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Eridani, Luhman 16 and Tau Ceti (not necessarily in that order). I will try to do everything at least semi-realistically in sandbox mode, which means no fancy ftl warp drives or other technologies that are -too- advanced but with unlimited funds. Note: this is mostly done for cinematic purposes, so there will -some- .cfg file editing but stuff like isp or mass are still kept at a realistic scale. Here is my modlist: (thank you to all the modders who have all put so much work into making them). BTW i will be putting some references from random scifi works, you can post it in the chat if you spotted one. I will try to make weekly updates and posts for this mission report. Note: this is my first time making a mission report and if you have any suggestions fell free to post them here.

Epic music to listen to while you read this:

Immortal by Thomas Bergersen

Final Frontier by Thomas Bergersen

Victory by Two Steps From Hell

Star Sky by Two Steps From Hell


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Part One: Nova Kerbani

Alpha Centauri Nova Kerbani, is the Solar System Kerbol system's closest neighbouring star. Even at the dawn of the space age, kerbals have dreamed to be able to travel to and explore other stars. In the last few decades, Nova Kerbani has gained extensive public interest with the discovery of multiple exoplanets with at least one that is earth-sized and habitable by the Kerbal Astronomical Society and multiple mission designs were studied or drafted, including Kerbani Dreams' Project Kaedalus and the OPA's LDSS Nauvoo . But it is only within the last few years or so with the development of advanced fusion and antimatter technologies has such a mission to explore Nova Kerbani became possible. Thus, Project Starshot was born.


Chapter One: Getting Ready

15/04/2075 First Launch of the Project Starshot Experimental VSSTO Shuttle (x-VSSTO) Mission: Starshot 1

The Project Starshot mission design called for an SSTO dropship that could be used to land on and take off from an exoplanet up to 110% of earth's gravity, with or without an atmosphere. The contractors at Space Kerbalization Technologies thus designed the Starshot VSSTO (official name to be designated, but nicknamed razorback by the kerbonauts) which was a heavily modified single stage MAV from the Ares Program with chemical rockets and a fusion aerospike bolted on it. Today's mission is the first launch of the Starshot VSSTO and it will conduct a simple mission of going to orbit and returning without killing any of the crew. (Here at Space Kerbalization Tech, the safety of our kerbonauts are our top priority, which is why our first flight of an unproven technology will be crewed)


Pilot-Jeb Kerman

On board repair guy Engineer-Bill Kerman


"We are go for launch in T-minus 5, 4, 3, ignition sequence start, 2, 1. Liftoff, we have liftoff!" At the Kerbal Space Center, these familiar words were spoken once again. However, this time it signified the dawn of a new era, as this was the first flight of Project Starshot.





The vehicle shot upwards at more that 8 g, airframe groaning under the immense stress.

"Mission Control, Jeb here. You have successfully created a kerbal pancake maker."



Soon, the high thrust chemical rockets cut off and the g-force dropped down to a 'gentle' 3g. The vehicle continued to accelerate upwards using it's fusion aerospike, punching through the cloud layer at supersonic speeds.





After the desired apoapsis was reached, the main engine cut off and coasted. A few minuets later, the engine lit once again for thew circularization burn.


"Kerbin, we have orbit"


After a few maneuvers, the spacecraft rendezvoused with the Venturestar class Interstellar Vehicle Hermes (ISV 001), kerbalkind's first manned interstellar vehicle, still under construction at Tycho Station.


And so Starshot 1's objectives were completed, and it was time for Jeb and Bill to return home.



A few minuets later, the ship made a propulsive landing and touched down on the droneship Just Read The Instructions and Starshot 1 has been marked as a complete success.

(sorry for the small images as imgur is banned in my country so i had to use something else but for some reason it just absolutely refused to make the pics bigger)

Coming Soon-Chapter 2: Project Starshot and the ISV Hermes

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