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Recovering a part from orbit(mission)

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So I went up with an engineer and attached the part to my SSTO, but when I land and recover the whole plane the mission does not complete. The part is listed at recovered in the recovery report.

Did I botch the mission by attaching it?

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3 minutes ago, splashboom said:

Where do I report it if I should report it?


However, as development of KSP1 has effectively stopped, I would not expect reported issues to be addressed.

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Attaching a part seems like a fair way to accomplish the contract requirement. Use alt-f12 to "cheat" the contract complete.

IMO officially reporting bugs is a waste of time at this point. KSP 1 development is finished.

If you saw a video with a winch part that may have been the Kerbal Inventory System or Kerbal Attachment System mod. I think the winch is part of KAS but I forget what gets done by KAS vs KIS.

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