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I can't make any mod, but I'd like to get a mod with real parts like an air compressor that transforms intake air in oxidiser (with an IRSU-similar texture and design), that doesn't make much heat but a lot of noise, some rover cargo bays , long cargo bays and eventually some powerfull air breathing engines for a takeoff without any oxidiser use and big jet engines to use as VTOL hidden engines or engines integrated with a cargo bay.

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Welcome to the forums @Rocket builder! I'm sorry, but I don't know of a mod that adds this buuuuuut the stock IRSUs might let you convert intake air to ox. (no guarantees but give it a try) also, if you suggest this in ksp2 development suggestions or whatever it might be read by the ksp2 team. (no guarantees but give it a try)

Edit: P.S. nice suggestions 

P.S. 2: have some rep!:D

Edit 2: just saw this part: "that doesn't make much heat but a lot of noise" if those are the requirements, im completely blank. sorry.:(

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