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Kratos: Dream Great Things


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"Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do anything"

-Tim Peake, Astronaut


In 1988, ESA devised a plan to completely rebrand the agency, with the hopes of taking the agency from a less known counterpart of NASA, to a mighty force of equal status and prestige. 3 goals were set in place to guide the project:

1. Completely rebrand the agency, placing public involvement, promotion of upcoming missions, and science at the forefront of the agency. Redesign branding to be more contemporary in order to communicate the new modern and futuristic mindset of ESA. The main changes include the Kratos logo itself, and a focus on primarily white and blue.

2. Design a simpler, more cost effective and efficient launch vehicle to replace the aging the design of the Ariane 3, now slated for retirement in early 1992. Alongside this, design a new pad and other necessary launch infrastructure to streamline production. The newest ESA member Iceland will create a production and launch site in the area of Hóll in North East Iceland for high inclination orbits and increased launch cadence (Location seen below). The UK will provide a optional third stage named Loki for high energy missions.



3.  Awaken the curiosity and excitement of the European people about space much like the Apollo program, and create a passion around space exploration to inspire new generations.

In order to reflect the new mindset and aspirations of ESA, a new motto has been created.

Dream Great Things.

Full Details on launcher and booking below:



Kratos ahead of her maiden flight

Kratos is the newest launch vehicle developed and operated by Arianespace for the European Space Agency (ESA). Kratos will begin operations in 1991, and replace the Ariane 3. The Kratos-S (Standard) variant can carry up to 30 Metric Tons to LEO. For more demanding missions to further out destinations, such as an interplanetary probe, the variant Kratos-E (Expanded) is available. The Kratos-E  features a 3rd stage called "Loki"

Named after the God of power; Kratos represents the strength, might and power of ESA. With a new launch capability, ESA aims to become a strong force in the launch market.

Both variants have the option for either a long and short fairing variant, identified by an 'S' or 'L'.

The system was designed as an expendable heavy-lift space launch vehicle. Standing 60m tall and 5.4m wide, it is comparable to Atlas V and Ariane 5 rockets. The system is powered by hydrogen and oxygen.

Now for the stats:

First Stage: 2 Vulcain engines with a combined thrust of 764.6kN and a burn time of 190s. 2 V88 (Lil reference, see if you can figure it out ) SRBs with a combined thrust of 1922.8kN and a burn time of 86s.

Second Stage: 2 HM9 engines with a combined thrust of 109.7kN and a burn time of 423s.

Third Stage (Loki): 1 HM7B engine with a thrust of 62.2kN and a burn time of 748 s.

This new launch vehicle features a more modern look than the previous Ariane rockets. Sleek white with the classic blue ESA colour for accents.



This new launch vehicle will soon hit the market and the launch pad too. And for the first time, you the readers will have a say in its future career...

You can book a flight to launch your own mission on Kratos. As long as the mission is 1) Based in the real world 2) possible and plausible, I will launch it for free and make its own post on this forum. This idea allows me to share the magic of good looking rockets and ksp images to people who maybe cannot do it themselves. It also gives me something to launch, I'm tired of ore tanks lol :) 

So please send me your missions, I can't wait to make them!

Book here!

PS: By the way, I go to school so getting the missions out could be a couple of days or a couple of weeks, it just depends on how busy I am.

PS PS: The timeline of launches is not chronological, could jump from 1995 to 2012

Mission List:


(In order of upload)

MISO-Pathfinder - 1992 Done.

KITKAP - 1995 Done.

Red Orb-1 - 2024 Done.

SHINE - 2004 In development.

Kinetic Orbital Bombardment Systems - 2024 Planned.

ArcLight - 2022 Planned.

ESA-MORS - 2013 Planned.

JWST - 2021 Planned.

KOS - 2022 Planned.

LISDR - 2013 Planned.


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Red-Orb 1 - 2 February 2024


Mission by @Maria Sirona


Reb-Orb 1 is a trio of satellites built by Orbital Orb intended as a purpose-built relay network for landers on the surface of mars. Each satellite is placed in a 30° geosynchronous orbit 120° apart from each other.  These satellites aim to enable constant coverage for all operational landers currently on the red planet. The powerful antennas also allow higher data transfers to Earth, maximising the amount of science possible for each mission. Compared to the current Mars relay network, Red Orb-1 is much simpler in design and easier to operate.  Red Orb-1 totalled a mission cost of $622.1 million and launched 2 February 2024 at 1:41  UTC from ELA-3 in Kourou, French Guiana.






Booster Separation takes place at T+89s






"Second stage shutdown confirmed, Loki spin up start."



At T+14 minutes 42s, Loki shuts down after a successful Mars transfer insertion burn.



At T+3hrs 37 mins Reb Orb-1A separates, 1B and 1C follow 3 and a half minutes after the previous accordingly.


Loki now lies in a heliocentric orbit, and the probes are on their way to Mars, set to arrive in 6 months.


Mars Arrival:



Red Orb-1 enters Mars' SOI on 18 August 2024


An insertion burn of 425m/s is executed at periapsis, which is currently lower than geosynchronous altitude.



At geosynchronous altitude, a small kick at apoapsis is used to circularise.







Kinetic Orbital Bombardment Systems mission coming soon!

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