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The Eurydice - Interstellar Super Yacht

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The Eurydice Kraken Powered Interstellar Super Yacht

This luxury vessel from The Collective Industries features an elegant design that is both aerodynamic for in-atmosphere travel as well as highly maneuverable Interstellar Travel. Taking queues of history's greatest ships this craft will serve you well on the high seas as well as in the void of space.

Dual Kraken Drives for forwarding propulsion and Anti Gravity VTOL Hover and lift modes.

In-game Status - NO MODS - Fully Stock but does need DLC to use. Custom .png flags are needed for Decals and Tinted Windows. *find links below*

Main Throttle -
50% Slow Decent
75% - Hover Mode
100% - Anti Gravity Lift Mode

Action Groups -

AG1 - Forward Propulsion
AG2 - Elevator Lift
AG3 - Toggle Landing Gear
AG4 - Toggle Landing Lights

Flight Instructions
Turn on Infinite energy and Fuel for RCS
In case of Kraken attacks make sure to reload and actively save when on long gameplay.

When leaving a Planetary Body -
Use radial out
Keep vertical accent until you reach around 34,000 meters the nav ball will flip once this happens it will attempt to turn to match the radial out. Switch over to Normal Mode after this continue to rise until your flight path is past LKO from here continue to circularize until you are clear with an orbit.

Flag Instructions

Download Zip File

Unzip all files in the Eurydice to your Flags Folder if using Steam -

(SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags)


Google Drive Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_D03RknOwB850HTcsvfWUC9FIkSRyBIk/view?usp=sharing

Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xlikdzjhp2u6u0/Eurydice.zip?dl=0


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You owe me a new brain for the one just sploded out my skull.  I've been building boats.  The currentest one looks like someone smashed a wingless plane into a big platform, nailed pontoons underneath,.  The massive rudders at the back give great handling.  I have no pics, haven't played in a couple days (currently yelling at war thunder).  I deeply want decals so I can paint up the platform as a landing pad, which is what the goal of this thing is.

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6 hours ago, Defenestrator47 said:

I deeply want decals so I can paint up the platform as a landing pad, which is what the goal of this thing is.

I hope you take credit card lol, but yes decals work so well with boats especially for wood flooring. .png work very well with the flag system.  I recommended going to a hardware site that have high end photos or wall paper sights for quick pulls. of course wording and custom symbols may have to be done by hand. ships and helicopters are my hardest projects but keep at it my friend! 

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