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How do I control Kerbals doing a spacewalk while placing struts?


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When I last tried adding struts to a space station using an EVA, I couldn't control the astronaut and place the strut at the same time, making it hard to do the latter without drifting away from the station. Is there a way to get around this? Not sure whether this is actually Breaking Ground related.

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8 minutes ago, MAFman said:

Is there a way to get around this?

The best way to do EVA construction in space is to secure the kerbal to the craft. You can do this by making sure there is  something for the kerbal to grab onto near the place you want to do construction. A well placed Pegasus I Mobility Enhancer is a good place to keep a Kerbal in one place while attaching parts to the ship in orbit. 

If you use KIS/KAS a neat trick is to use one of the Winch parts on the outside of your vessel and then the Kerbal can attach the cable end to themselves to create a fixed tether that keeps the kerbal from floating away during EVA.  


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3 minutes ago, MAFman said:

I should place some Mobility Enhancers right next to the ports I want to strut

Yes. It just has to be within EVA Construction range (about 10 meters). So there is some wiggle room on distance from the parts you want to work with. 

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