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Pathfinder boxes weigh 100 grams

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My Pathfinder boxes, like the Ponderosa or any of the larger box buildings, are said by KSP (in flight and in the VAB) to weigh only 100 grams.  This would be only a curiosity, if it weren't that when I have one of my astronauts take one of these boxes onto their back and try to walk, they are flung at high speeds (over 10 m/s) across the planet or moon.  Once, my astronaut was flung straight up at 100 m/s, to an altitude of 5 km, on the Mun.  The save where this particular astronaut was is now unusable.

What can I do about this?  Is this a known bug?  Is it a "feature"?  Why does this happen?

SOLVED: It's an error in the specifications of CKAN dependencies of Pathfinder.  Required both WildBlueTools and WildBlueCore.

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