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Should a telescope mission show the orbit?

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I've accepted this mission which tells me to put a space telescope into solar orbit somewhat close to Eve's, however, unlike the other 2 missions I have active for putting Satelites around Eve, it's not graphically showing me the orbit.

It's "almost" circular, so perhaps it doesn't feel the need to show it, but I would rather have it as a guide if possible, I do have about 4.3k delta v in Kerbin orbit so either way it should be fine (bless nuclear engines xd).

Thank you for your attention.

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I have now ejected from Kerbin and only now is it showing the orbit required, I am about 70 degrees out of phase, but I hope it doesn't end up mattering for the mission since it's close to circular anyway.

I would also like to know how you need to map the asteroids, is it automatic, do I have to do something with it, or do I have to send a ship to every asteroid I want to map?

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1 hour ago, HansAcker said:

Are you in solar orbit? I seem to remember that the contract orbit doesn't show up if your active vessel is not in orbit around the Sun.

I have completed it now thanks to my absurd delta v, and yeah, it did show up eventually, I said so earlier but it still hasn't been approved by a moderator. I still do need to know about how to do the asteroid tracking though.

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