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Trouble with execute a node

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hi, I'm here again, started new career, but it's a lot of time I don't play and I think I do not remember some things. I need help.
Situtation: I did 1st launch and a suborbital launch. Now, 3rd launch, objective LKO, I'm in space, going for the circularization node that GT has created.
As I'm at beginning of the game MechJeb does not show all its functions, anyway I remember that I can use Scripting Modules in order to use missing functions.
So i try to use it like this way

but when i press START, the warp goes, but the engine does not burn.
what am I missing?

I only have to auto-execute that node.

I have mission control and tracking station to level 2, what else i need?

this is R&D:


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Even with the scripting module, of you don't have certain things unlocked you can't use all the features.  In this case, you need at a minimum Flight Control.  I have found that anything less than Advanced Flight Control makes MJ nearly useless.

You will have to manually stage and throttle until then.

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ah yes.. I now remember, thx!
the burn at node works only if I have Advanced Flight Control.
unfortunately I need Basic Science too and have not enough points to buy them both, so I think I'll burn manually for this time.

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