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deep neural networks and data collection to build 'prompt to asset' models for KSP2

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Today, I wrote a memo to the dev team.  In it, I outlined two roadmaps for how to build intelligent tools on the same technologies underlying GPT architecture.  (for context I am a patented engineer who works at a large financial technology corporation in AI leadership).  With proper model and data implementations, accompanied with an effective engagement campaign, it will be possible to build tools such as 'prompt to planet' or 'prompt to mission' software.  Imagine the power and creativity of today's 'prompt to art' generative models.  Users and developers, alike, could use a generative tool to build the worlds in KSP2 that we explore. 

Community engagement will be vital to explore these possibilities, the modding community is a wonderful resource for development, innovation and 'proof of concepts' . . .
However, the publisher, developer, and official community organizers have the most power to organize the resources needed to collect data required to build these tools.  We should implore them to help.  In the end, it does not matter how, but I sure do want to experience and use them.

For instance:  If we send out a tweet to give away a free 'KSP2' title to 5 random people who tell us what type of planet they 'dream of visiting' in EA.  With enough reach, the responses will be 'gold'.  They are prompts for training, and data to tabularize for the in-game parameters. 

As a community we could use this information to build the first parts of a dataset used to build new worlds and planets to explore.  Just like to see amazing art build from AI we could explore amazing worlds built from our models.  

I am curious to understand and gauge the interest in being a part of a community project to build these worlds.   We will need people with coding skills, machine learning passion, and science influencers to advertise and build momentum for an open-source project and data collection campaign.

Discus . . . 

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36 minutes ago, HomingPigeon said:

Imagine the power and creativity of today's 'prompt to art' generative models

7 fingers on a hand, with all data stolen from other artists who more than likely never agreed to use their work.

Moving on...

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