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What did you do in KSP2 today?


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I tested how difficult it still is to wrestle kraken during landing on Mun and then randevu lander with the command module which is hopefully still orbiting the Mun. (the most annoying bug is that one which after time warp will change your trajectory from orbiting 15km above Mun into suborbital trajectory [in this case I felt no shame in turning on infinity fuel {temporary}])


After Mun adventure I just built a rover and I drove around space center. I tried to enter garages, just in case: What if they enabled them.


But positive thing is that post patch 1 my rover was able to reach 27 m/s .

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Shoutout to @Little 908, the newest member of our very own "OneOscar" Fan Club! We already have some modified "OneOscar" models ready for download and use in our thread, so stop by and see what the fuss is about!

This one is inspired by @Little 908's challenge to fly under the bridge UPSIDE DOWN!

Come check us out here and maybe earn some rad flair for yourself!


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Today, as part of the Duna Mastery Challenge, I put a probe on Duna and got it back home.  Also found a couple of bugs that, while are reportable, are not game-breaking.  Mission report is here:

I am now off to put Luna I into heliocentric orbit, and then put Luna II on the surface of the Mun, both as part of my recreating the historical space race.  I hope to get both done today at some point!

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Yesterday I was traumatized by bugs during my Mun mission and because of that today I spent my time just by building new Mun lander. This thing is put together from structural parts, it can carry two Kerbals and has two stages. It is lighter than its predecessors and it has the same amount of delta_v.



its predecessors were these two:



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Hot of the press, this one is fire! Or at least... everything would be on fire in our challenge thread if thermals had been added yet.

Don't miss this one! I challenge all of you to match it!


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I dusted off my first Mun rocket build in KSP2 and I think about engines I could use for it.

The rocket is:

1. stage: 4 x BACC Thumper

2. stage: 1 x Mainsail

3.stage: 1 x Poodle

4.stage: 2 x Terrier



I was thinking what if I use Skipper or even Rhino instead of Mainsail.



So I built 2xSkipper and 1xRhino variant.



If all three rockets have the same amount of fuel, which one will have the most delta_v remaining in 3. stage in LKO?

Mainsail: ......... 1576 m/s

2xSkipper: ..... 1650 m/s

Rhino: .............. 1593 m/s

(yes I am flying it manually)


Mainsail run:



2 x Skipper run:



Rhino run:



More pictures in imgur album here:



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First, there was the "Tiny Island Plane" redubbed "OneOscar"

Then there was the Challenger, "Thread", the twice under the bridge champ

Now we have the "Laythie Pontoon" taking Bill Kerman all the way to the...

"Planet of the Islands"


Don't forget to Join the "OneOscar" Fan Club! Soon to have an Interplanetary Coin!




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Obligatory "OneOscar" Fan Club promotion
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Yesterday, attempting a landing on Vall, I learned that touching SWERV nozzles to the surface instantly kills the crews (RIP Val) and renders the vessel uncontrollable.  Even worse, it summons p.a.i.g.e. instantly.

I also learned that the bottom of the big crater on Bop has collider mesh issues, but was able to punch it out by the time I was engine-deep,  before the Kraken appeared.

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I finally got a newer, faster laptop to replace the baked potato that was my previous one. New specs are light-years better: i7 12700H, RTX 3060, 16 gb RAM, 1 TB SSD.

For the first time since I bought KSP2 on Feb 24, I played the game! While I didn't do much (just flew a basic jet around KSC and crashed a rover), I did thoroughly enjoy my maiden flight. Frame rates weren't great (20 fps with low part count on medium graphics preset), but it's better than no frames!

Next time, I'll play around with a true rocket to Minmus and begin my quest to hear every theme in the game. :D

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Finally getting around to posting some pics of my Vall mission.  Rather dubious engineering here, but only 49 parts.


Here it is on the pad.


Arrived in the vicinity of Jool.


In Vall orbit.


Docking after the landing.



The lander was left at Jool and the return trip was uneventful.

Happy landings!

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I did 2 things in KSP2 today.  The first thing was I released my first-ever mod for this game series!  It's a simple thing that makes focusing and targeting bodies in the Kerbol system easier (at least I think so).  You can find it here:

The second thing I did was to put Luna I in orbit as I continue on my path of recreating the historical space race.


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Continuing on with my recreation of the historical space race, I was able to impact the surface of the Mun with Luna II.  And I've got video to show impact speed of ~3.6 m/s (which is well shy of the 3.3 km/s in real life).  And yes, you read that right - 3.3 KILOMETERS per second IRL.


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Welcome Fans, Members, and onlookers, to an educational spectacle tailored for the "OneOscar" fanbase and aerial acrobatics aficionados:

A "pilot" for a new series*-

Learning With Socraticat 

  • The Cobra Maneuver ("Do a Cobra!")

*Now taking requests for follow-up content

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