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What did you do in KSP2 today?


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1: put a communications satellite into keostationary orbit

2: tried creating a cargo spaceplane only to be slapped in the face by the more realistic physics of ksp2. The thing barely took off, and the engines struggled to keep the thing up in the air. It was very similar to playing KSP1 with ferram and AJE mods. I like it.

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I did mess around for a bit and discovered that the new rover cabin makes for a very nice cockpit for an inter-orbital crew transfer vehicle.



And I really need to get used to normal KSP scale again after a long time with RSS/RSO... >_>

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Bought it, built a rocket, flew to Minmus, saw the sunrise and sunset through the ground, had my orbit change on me due to ghost forces so went ahead and landed, walked half a meter or so above the surface,  returned to Kerbin successfully, submitted bug reports.

Can't wait to see what the future holds for this game.


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Landed in a nice valley near KSC after first orbit and it seems Bill got (ahem) a-head of himself while investigating something akin to Minecraft sugarcane...

This would have been a great pun if I could locate the screenshot of him up to his neck in the ground. 


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Bought the game and completed all the tutorials again. I knew 99% of the content to learn from KSP 1 already, but it brought me back into the flow heh.

Then created my frist own rocket in KSP 1, went to orbit with a 3-man crew in it and safely returned to Kerbin. :)


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So, today I don't do much. but we'll come back to that...
First , Big congratulation for the sound team ,fabulous work. great feeling, great work! !!!! 
but are the only ones who deserve to be congratulated today.
the rest is a shame! 
and god knows that i support the development since the beginning, and that i love this game.
 but this is a disaster...
So, today I don't do much.
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I tried a Mun mission and got cheerfully dismembered by the kraken.

Timewarping in low Mun orbit summoned it big time. First my orbits would decay, then when I recovered and tried again, I exited timewarp spinning so hard I RUDded. 

The decoupler joints are extremely flexy. I think that creates all kinds of resonances that summon the Great Cosmic Octopus.

Also I can't make head or tail of the maneuver planner. I can see the SOI exit and entry just fine but not the trajectory between them, which makes planning really hard. I think that must be a bug. 

I was also missing per-stage dV and TWR readings in the VAB, made me overengineer the rocket big time. 

So anyway, that part needs work. The fundamentals are there but it's a pretty rough ride at this time -- I am looking forward to updates that will get this under control. Planes worked much better.

I am still having a great time and will try again tomorrow. With a few struts, maybe? 

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First mission out of the gate, I made a craft and landed it on Mun.  The craft did not have enough delta-V to return.  I quit the game.  That was about an hour of gameplay early in the morning.

This afternoon, I tested out some of the pre-built craft in the game.  I found that, the Kerbal cameraman needs some major work.  As pressing the arrow keys does some weird panning that eventually caused me to lose the ability to zoom back into my spacecraft, causing landing to be next to impossible.  No crash with parts separation, just, crash, fireball, no pieces of wreckage.  OK then.

Tested the equivalent of the early Flea rocket with Bob.  It landed in the ocean.  It didn't float on top of the water.  I accidently sent Bob on EVA while looking for the recover button besides the one in the pause menu.  My ship sunk somewhere out of sight while Bob was launched about 10 meters into the air with his super buoyancy.

Built another rocket, went into orbit, oddly curious that a Terrier engine in a stock craft threw me on a trajectory out of Kerbin SOI that I couldn't recover from.  Sent Val on a spacewalk.  When she let go of the ship, she began weird spinning maneuver, and none of the RCS controls acted as I expected.  Val tumbled off into space.

I "reverted" to VAB, and the game said nope, try again.  I reverted to Launch, which didn't return Val.  It gave me a different rocket, that now showed no stages and no resources (no fuel, no electric, etc) with Bartholomew Kerbin sitting in the empty craft, looking as puzzled as I was.

I slowly backed out of the game.


On a positive note, my RTX 2060 card seemed to run the game just fine.  My old laptop struggled much more to run KSP1 (I used to have to pan the camera up to show as few details as possible to get an acceptable launch framerate).  For now, performance seems just fine.

But the camera is bad.  Some of the controls seem cludgy if you are a long-time player.  Later I'll try an actual Mun or Minmus landing and return and a few other things.

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I went to the mun arch, and discovered something very interesting...

(Only click on this link if you want spoilers and don't want to have the fun of discovering the mun arch in KSP 2 yourself!)
(I found it with the help of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAu43eYhEDI&ab_channel=ETO_XIII)


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Install, play for two hours, uninstall.

I actually got my hands on a copy and ran it in Proton. Performance was just like I had expected on my rig from the first specs. It was comparable to what others report from their Windows installs, so I don't think linux/proton is making the performance worse. The later dev post that stated it wold also run on older machines has to be considered a lie to make people buy this.

Will retry in half a year or so. I had high hopes and would have been happy with physics-engine improvements, but apparently visuals got the main attention.

Camera control (even in VAB) is bad!

My first impression is this: The new game is being rigged for a very different target group than the KSP 1 players. Probably people who will rely more on small, pre-built crafts, more casual gamers. I don't expect this game to allow me to build massive craft soon.

I watched Matt Lownes interview with Nate - at least only Nate was really talking all the time. He talks about the same visions on and on like in the dev videos, but they seem to be just hot air. I don't see how they can be fit into the game they have developed so far.

My main point of critique is, that the old issues of KSP 1 have not been addressed: Wobbly rockets, too many parts in the part managers (a switch to procedural parts should have been the obvious way). Apparently KSP 2 is relying on tweaking the Unity physics engine - again(!). Like KSP 1 did. Which was not a good choice then and probably is not, now.

I hope KSP 2 will deliver what was promised and root for the team, but this first experience was massively underwhelming and left me with serious doubts if this game can really be a base for all the imagined systems that the team (or Nate) talks about. And a doubt about the priorities. I would have expected physics to be solved before adding so much visual bling to make the game near unplayable for most of the target audience.

Best of luck to the devs. I hope you can do it!

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