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How to use the Gameplay Questions forum

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The new forum software has brought some changes to the way that the Gameplay Questions forum works. This guide is intended to help both askers and answerers make the best use of the new features and, more generally, ask good questions and provide good answers.

When asking a question:

  • Be descriptive in the title of your thread. A title like "Why doesn't this work?" is not helpful in describing your question, but something like "Why do my parachutes keep burning up?" gives a better idea of what the thread is about.
  • Be descriptive in your question, too. Are you making a rocket, a plane, or something else? What are you trying to do with it? What is going wrong? People will have an easier time helping you if they understand exactly what is happening.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are having trouble with a particular craft, it is incredibly helpful for those trying to diagnose the problem to see a picture of the vessel. Ideally the pic would be in the VAB/SPH with the engineer's report open, with KER/MJ windows open (if you use them) and for planes, with the Center of Mass and Center of Lift indicators showing. You will not be able to post pictures directly from your PC/console to the forum. Rather, you will need to upload the screenshot to a file sharing site and copy the link they provide into your posts here.  Make sure the link is to a image file (jpg, gif, png, etc) and not to a webpage or album containing the picture.   Just paste the link directly into your post, don’t use the Insert Image button in the editor.  
  • Using mods in your game? Be sure to mention which ones you are using, sometimes mods have effects in places that aren't expected.
  • If more information is requested, be sure to edit that new information into the original post. That way it is easily seen by new readers and at the top of each page. As a courtesy you can reply to such requests to let the person know you've added the information to the OP
  • If the question has been resolved to your satisfaction, please mark the best answer by clicking the round checkbox to the left of the post. This will show the thread as "answered" and will help other people with the same question in the future. (Moderators can also mark best answers, but it is better if you do this yourself.)

When answering a question:

  • Quote the post to which you're replying, especially if it's not the OP. Since the default sort is by rating it is easy for things to get out of order, so this will reduce confusion.
  • If someone has already given the answer you were about to give, upvote that answer (and like it, too, if you're so inclined). This will help make good answers prominent to future readers of the thread. Do so by clicking the up arrow to the left of the post.
  • Try to gauge the skill level/experience of the asker. A simple, basic question is best answered with a simple, basic answer; it is usually not helpful to barrage an inexperienced player with complex details when they're looking for a basic overview. By all means point people in the right direction to learn more, but make sure the basics are conveyed well first.
  • If your answer turns out to need clarification, it is better to edit that into your original answer rather than making another post. The idea is to get as complete and correct an answer as possible in a single post.
  • If the question spurs an interesting side discussion, consider making a new thread for it in General Discussion. If some posts need to be copied or moved out, let a moderator know and we'll help as best we can.

For everyone:

  • Sorting the thread by date (button to the upper right of the first reply) can be helpful for following a thread in progress.
  • As always, be patient and civil with each other. We were all newbies once, and what seems like a trivial or elementary question can be quite baffling for an inexperienced player. Similarly, people asking the OP for more information are genuinely looking to answer your question, you will usually get better answers if you provide it.
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