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KSSL2, a simple launcher bypasser for KSP2


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This is the discussion thread for KSSL2, a simple update to KSSL that allows for KSP2 to be supported.  Install the same, usual way, using the KSSL2_* zipfile instead of the usual KSSL_* one.

More information is available here on the original KSP1 thread:

Source; https://github.com/R-T-B/KSSL/tree/KSP2

Latest Release: https://github.com/R-T-B/KSSL/releases/tag/1.1 

License: MIT

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22 minutes ago, Initar said:

First  mod of KSP2...  Here we go again! Not gonna use this since you can also create a shortcut to the exe and not bother at all. But I get why people would still want to launch through steam.

Yep, that and/or a batch file work fine too.  This just preserves the steam overlay support, if you care.

1 hour ago, EchoLima said:

The first KSP 2 mod!

I'd almost call it a utility more than a mod, but there was no category for that, so I guess it is?  Lol.

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2 minutes ago, airtrafficcontroller said:

Crap, my bet was on linuxgurugamer, just lost 100 funds.

He was probably a safe bet if they'd just made the right forum category list, lol.


Tbh, I won't be doing much further KSP2 modding until we get more career functionality, at least.  I'm sure it's coming though.

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Dear @Intercept Games,

I hope you are taking notice of this thread!
I am hoping for the producers @Mariana_A, @nestor & @Ferdienanz to take note of the desire there is for people to bypass this launcher. Maybe it would be a good idea to push the developers to either remove it entirely or at the very least use steam's launch option window to enable players to never see it. Much like the option of KSP1 launch "KSP" or "KSP (64-bit)"  see image below.


@CoolRanchAJ take note also, you should communicate to people that people don't buy the game on steam, they buy a launcher to the game. It might hurt your sales figures otherwise.

Also a small question to whoever made the decision about that launcher... Why?! You're using a store/library/mod-repository/community-forum/support-page/distribution-platfrom-with-DRM to launch the exact same but with your own name on it and ask people to pay 50USD/EUR for it? Oh and it so happens that the beta of a much anticipated game is attached to it? What are you? HIGH?!

To be honest, I have a feeling this won't impact your sales that much, but I would love for all the companies that do this kind of stuff would just sink because of it.
It's not just a matter of convenience for the user it's a matter of lying (by omission) in a business transaction. You're definitely not the only ones, Smart TVs are obviously one of the biggest culprits given that a premium product is now filled with ads and tracking systems to sell even more ads... I just wish that we could maybe just maybe be able to pay for a product and not be the product, regardless of the price of a product. 50USD to see my data monetized? Google does it for free... They show me some ads and that's it. Facebook, also, Microsoft... they accepted my Windows 7 license key for windows 10 and 11 so technically also sort of for free and I'm the product now that I installed the newest OS. So why can't you do either of the two models (consumer is product or consumer pays for product)OR AT THE VERY LEAST, give the consumer the choice of being tracked via the launcher.

For now, I'll refund the game and watch Scott Manley have fun. I'm out, not willing to give you money for this frustrating reality we're being forced in. I will consider buying the game once more if the launcher becomes optional.

Best regards,
an old man yelling at a cloud

PS: George Orwell's 1984 was an optimistic novel about the reality that is soon to come. And that is very sad.

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4 minutes ago, VITAS said:

ksp1 or ksp2

and the version is of the game?

ksp 2, on the loading screen / menu screen is what it says, and it was different during the "preview cc's" and everyone has this number on the loading screen, it its safe to assume its the version it is

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6 hours ago, MARL_Mk1 said:

How can one uninstall the mod to have the launcher back?

Yes, I know.

I just wanted to use/check the bug report feature on it.

Oh, that's perfectly understandable.  No worries.

If using steam you just right click the game in your library, select "properties" and go to "Local Files" tab.  It should have an option to "Verify integrity of Game FIles"  Run that, and it will redownload the launcher.

Sadly, without steam you will need to reinstall the game.

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