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1070 gtx on a low in setup.


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21 hours ago, Streetwind said:

Always 14 FPS.

Turn off v-sync.

18 hours ago, whatsEJstandfor said:

They said their FPS is "sitting around 30"

It depends on what your looking at. If KSC + High Clouds + High Props then 8 fps for 1440p 3060 laptop.

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9 minutes ago, Vl3d said:

Turn off v-sync.

That was the first thing I did. No effect. (And before you ask: no, it isn't forced on in the Nvidia control panel.)

I get all sorts of framerates that do not stick to clean multiples of my refresh rate. 23 on the launchpad, 9-11 when looking at Kerbin from space, 48-54 in the VAB. It's not a synchronization issue, it's my card not having enough VRAM.

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i wonted to post my pic of my moonlanding.  shows my fps  but  i have to upload it to a url.  no ideal where i upload it to do that.   but  i got 19fps  52 ms/fps   and i  took the pic with kerbal standing next to the flag and ship on the moon.    19fps is low but better then my first frames drop that was 12.  

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On 2/24/2023 at 7:44 PM, dragonart777 said:

i am running a low in system  figured i let the devs know on how my specs  or and that everything is running smooth   for the spec info


running a  amd ryzen 7 2700x e9ght-core processor

nvidia geforce gtx 1070

16gb ram  

and just a cheap 4tb hard drive 7200 rpm.  

windows 10   is on a ssd  by its self. 


i am having no problems at all.  and i am set at the default settings .  i not changed nothing not even the controls.  i just dived right on in...

its not choppy  but at the same time it don't look like it would if i was on some nice setup...      i have minimized the game  to post this  and i been in since 9:20  after i downloaded it.   

so  if some one is wondering can you run this on a low setup like mine   yes  no lag  no chop   just low in video specs/ default 


I got rtx2060 
16 gb ram
ryzen 5 3600
and in lowest settings  i get 31 fps and 16fps on map view 

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On 2/25/2023 at 9:12 AM, BobbyDausus said:

No offense mate,but you are smoking something there....There are people with 2080S running it at 15 fps .What FPS do you consider playable? 5?

Do you want a video as proof or something? Easy to supply. I live streamed to a mate who was amazed also.

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On 2/25/2023 at 9:53 AM, BobbyDausus said:

He sees 30 fps whenever he looks up in the sky.......once his camera moves towards the ground he has 30 seconds per frame

As I said, can supply a video if it will make you happy with yourself instead of doubting.

The FPS would drop yes but nothing down below 20, and would occasionally (not much) go above 35. My GFX card goes crazy when playing Valheim, running KSP2 increased the fan but nothing like Valheim does.

I doubted the game would run at a decent speed but it does so I'm happy until I upgrade. It played just as well during night launches as it did during day launches. Given I'm not playing online in a first person then the frames don't matter near as much. As long as I can play the game, provide feedback to the developers (which is after all why I got the game, and to provide that feedback) then what does it matter.

Did you ever think that maybe the game doesn't wholly rely on GFX card? Just because someone has a 20 series, 30 series or 40 series doesn't mean they won't get bottlenecks elsewhere if the memory or CPU is not up to the task. Just a thought.

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23 hours ago, dare_to_be_stupid said:

i run it on

Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.20GHz

 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

and 32,0 gigs of ram

and the thing that annoys me is while choppy the pc is not in anyway struggling

What I notice with your specs is that you may be bottlenecking which is where it may be struggling for you compared to mine. If I compare your specs with mine, on average my GPU averages 23% more frames (source: userbenchmark dot com). My CPU doesn't bottleneck near as much as other CPU/Mainboards do and my memory is running at 1866Mhz.

The point I'm making for anyone here is that the game is not just relying on a beefed up GFX card. You could have a HEDT as mine was back in the day that has very little bottlenecks, with a 10 series, or 20 series card and still be just as good as someone running a game that will bottleneck at the CPU or memory when running a 30 or 40 series card.

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Alright - with all the "runs okay" and "runs like s***" I have heard in the last couple of days I just bought KSP2 and tried it for myself.

If you are a KSP1 veteran, then the KSP2 performance is ABSOLUTELY FINE!

At least on my rig which is an i7 10700k with 16GB Ram and a nVidia GTX 1070

Yep it's a vanilla 1070 (below minimum spec) and I get FPS from 12 at worst - staring right at Kerbin during launch up to 80 when flying through space towards the Mun.

Since I've installed it on a HDD some of the loading times are a bit on the long side. I didn't have enough space left on the SSD Windows runs on... but I've heard that running KSP2 on the same drive as your system is a bad idea.

Oh yeah - and I play in 1920x1080 with everything on HIGH, 4x Antialiasing and VSync off

I remember KSP1 running much worse back in the day.

Also there is absolutely no lag... zero... zilch. How could there? I'm not connected to a server, so why should latency be even an issue? All key inputs are instant, there is no rubberbanding and I am pretty sure that I can play it offline - though I have not confirmed that.

Since I also didn't hear any fan noises my GPU and my CPU were not overly taxed - which is a good sign I guess... at least I don't think I have to update my hardware for this game - and this also probably explains why even RTX 4080 users barely have 10 FPS more in the worst case scenario.

The low FPS are very likely due to something in the game's code.

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