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Praise and things we like


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  • [Tutorials] are great. The onboarding is well designed, the animations are funny and beautiful. I enjoyed the learning experience through the Training Center system. I also like the P.a.i.g.e voice and the text is direct and clear.
  • [Sound] the music and sound design is amazing, very good work!
  • [VAB] the little ball that appears when attaching parts is very useful to determine 3D position (it's great)
  • [VAB] I like how the camera re-centers on a part, after moving it, when right-clicking.
  • [Simulation Mode] I like how the faint RGB pixels look
  • [Parts] the procedural wings make it less intimidating to try to build an airplane, they're awesome
  • I like the vibe and idea of a Kerbal Operating System Interface on top of a realistic looking world
  • The parts look amazing. 10/10
  • The new craft coloring system is very cool for creativity and making a design feel like it's yours
  • The plumes look very good, I like how dynamic they are and how they vary with every engine / booster
  • The terrain reflections in the Tracking Station for celestial bodies like Eeloo, Pol and Minmus are eye candy. Dres, Mun and Duna look very nice and realistic.
  • I enjoy how the new KSC is set up, it feels good to drive and fly around
  • The way information is structured around the navball is intuitive, I like how the 'tapes' feel and I really like the subtle transparency of the navball cluster.
  • I really like how the clouds look when seen from below sometimes, they're realistic but dreamy
  • The new cinematic trailer is beyond words. Epic, marvelous, funny, emotional! Great cinematics, my all time favorites!
  • The KSC Buildings Overview menu (the white transparent one) is eye candy, beautiful and modern (also the clean look of the Training Center using the same style)
  • The Tracking Station menu structure is compact and logical
  • The trees are beautiful seen from up close
  • The kerbals walking and running animations look natural and funny at the same time. I think Jeb just scratched his butt and farted. LOL Actually now that I'm looking more carefully.. I really like the way the kerbals look.. with the cartoony head inside a realistic helmet and suit. I actually think the kerbals look great!
  • Physics warp is very stable - I drove a rover and walked a kerbal and also flew an airplane at 4x speed without any issues. Combined with precision controls.. flying at 4x feels as natural as flying at 1x. Really great job! I think this is one of my favorite features so far. I don't think I can go back to flying at 1x. LOL
  • I'm fascinated and a little intimidated by the (number of) camera angles.. there's a lot of diversity: some are very cinematic, others are made for racing.
  • I enjoy how accessible the time warp controls are - I tend to use them with the mouse now rather than with the keyboard. And having a Pause button is GREAT!
  • I like that the max distance we can zoom out of a craft feels like it's smaller than in KSP1. This way the craft is always in view and it feels less cheaty when looking around.
  • The trim indicators integrated in the navball cluster are very useful!
  • After playing for some hours I feel like most of the bugs I've encountered are cosmetic and easily fixable. I'm enjoying the game (especially flying airplanes).
  • It's nice that actions now apply to all the parts in the symmetry.
  • I like that the struts are more realistic and break more easily.
  • I find it interesting that the fairings feel like they have weight and can do real damage if not deployed correctly.
  • I like how massive the planets feel when orbiting them.. I think it's because of the higher level of detail of the terrain seen from above.
  • I love the fact that now we can stage while in Map View!
  • Landing on Eve is one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had in KSP. What a masterpiece! Later edit: After also landing on Duna I am in awe. This is art.
  • I like how tall and steep the terrain is on Dres. The planet has become one of the most interesting in the game now due to the rings, tilt, canyons, mountain range.
  • And the rainbow lighting effects underwater.
  • Also the incidental lighting from celestial bodies thanks to the new planet shine system.
  • And really like how eclipses of planets with atmosphere look.
  • Pol looks amazing when close, probably the celestial body with the most interesting terrain.
  • The anomalies on Duna, Tylo and Mun are very high quality objects.
  • I think the lore is going in a fascinating direction.
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  • I like the way entry/exit of SOI is presented as a 3D ripple though I think it could be a smaller indicator. 
  • The controls feel more forgiving.
  • I like the procedural wings. I also like the fact that they seem to wire up properly by themselves based on their orientation without needing to go into properties and assigning them to pitch, yaw and roll.
  • I love that I can see my Kerbals through the windows.


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LOVE that xyz & rotation part movement in the VAB uses the same button. 
I think it's so f'king cool that the VAB uses real-time lighting 
The adaptive music continues to surprise me. From planets, to when you're about to execute a maneuver, there's a huge attention to detail there that I can't help but heap praise on the team behind it
I think it's really, really wise to hide half of the part information behind a key-press. (shift, I believe it is). I play AI Wars 2, and that game is so overwhelmingly dense, that they had to create (3) separate layers of information. Normal, A lot (when you press shift), and a metric loveton (when you press alt+shift). This made the game 10x more approachable when I first started and added depth to its systems once I got my bearings.

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Love the tool in VAB for selecting specific axis to view the ship from.
Like the new KSC.
Procedural wings are really nice.
Finally some good tutorials.
Like the UI style/design, but it is otherwise very clunky.

Forgot to add. Kerbals pass out with high Gs. Love that detail.

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Sound design is incredible in every way.

Graphics pretty sweet too.

When not looking at a planetary body, performance is actually pretty good, even on high settings at just below minimum spec.

Kerbal animations are awesome.

Like a lot of the changes to the VAB interface.

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  • The tutorials have been good. Would have been a welcome sight when I first started playing KSP. Experienced players should probably view them as "what basics can I reinforce" rather than I know this, this is useless.
  • SOI visualization is cool. I zoomed out to Kerbol's SOI and got kind of scared.
  • UI is pretty nifty. Missing some things we're used to, but overall it's pleasing to look at and generally easy to use.
  • To say the sound design is terrific would be an understatement.
  • Part sizes makes life so much easier for those of us who are competent enough to make it to the Mun, Minmus, but not on the level of crafting motherships.
  • Save game management, while slightly overwhelming at first, is nice to have.
  • Being a stock KSP player, the graphical baseline is several steps above. With some more polish I'd see nothing worth complaining about
  • Seeing the trajectory for your inevitable Kerbin Crater
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Sound design

The new KSC

Love the fact you can build multiple craft at once and then just combine them rather than dealing with subassemblies

That there is a dock (unfortunately, boats are not an option at the moment).

Flying over the north pole was amazing. It looks astounding from the air.

Unlike some, I actually like the parts manager.

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I.) The sound design is overall phenomenal. I cannot wait for the upcoming parts releases. 
II.) SOI Visualization is very clear and was always something I wished to see in the first kerbal space program
III.) The graphics fidelity is absolutely gorgeous, when optimizations roll through, I'd love to experience Eve, Duna and Eeloo first-hand.
IV.) Overall, the UI aesthetics is great. I feel like there could be an option for it to be more condensed, but that's just me.
V.) Being able to paint your rockets any color! This is absolutely awesome as it will allow me to make my rockets even more realistically colored or tailored to whatever I'd like. I hope the devs will implement decals into the game just like the decal mod for KSP1.

That's all I got for now. I personally have to wait until they optimize the game when looking at the ground. But I look forward to the future!

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I like the new workspace building space, you can split your stages up, edit,  and restack them as needed. Very clever.
Sound design is top notch, procedural wings are fantastic. The keyboard controls for flight are much easier to handle. The maneuver nodes scale their sensitivity based on something I can't work out (maybe context) or jsut how fast you're dragging. The UI is much easier to use.

29 minutes ago, Nate Simpson said:

I'm just gonna camp out in this thread today. :)

I think a lot of the negativity was just waiting in the wings to pounce on the first day, like an angry flashmob. Things will settle down, there's a lot to like here. It isn't perfect, but it will only get better.

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The music (and audio in general), the tutorials, and the general ambience. So very good. Despite the bugs, I love love love love where vehicle assembly is heading, and I know that, with some more polish, it will be exactly what I was hoping for. I feel like the bones are very much there, and I hope that today has been extremely fruitful in tracking down edge cases and bugs

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I LOVE the sound design! The UI sounds are fun and intuitive. The sound of a thruster exhausting its fuel supply is satisfying. The music is characteristically peaceful and trance-inducing. The load times are fantastic. I'm getting 30fps average with small vessels on my 1660 OC 6GB (1080p, low low). The intro video was charming. The visual appearance of the UI is going to take some acclimation, but I'm getting the information I need when I need it. I think the textures and shaders are great too - metal looks like metal, and the tank welds and overall attention to detail are top notch. The art and lighting are stylistically true to KSP and are quality without being absurdly realistic. 

I'm happy to support the developers and get Early Access to this enormously complicated game. I think the folks doing the complaining are expecting too much, too soon. If the game had half of the features and performance it had for me at this moment, I would still be comfortable handing over my money.

I'm getting what I expected, which is not immediate perfection but rather confidence in your long-term ability to iterate, communicate, and deliver.

You should all be proud of your hard work. Take the weekend to chill.


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1 hour ago, Nate Simpson said:

I'm just gonna camp out in this thread today. :)

I have multiple hundreds of hours in KSP(Modded) and I can say I had a blast.

Of course I understand some of the concerns of some users but as a developer myself (not games but...) I already knew the game was far from finished.


I really like the direction the game is going in terms of UI design,I think it's more fiendly to new players.

Also, I was afraid the game would be a slideshow on my pc and it actually runs quite smooth (not very complex vessels yet)


Overall I'd like to congratulate the devs for a great milestone reached and encourage them for the ones that will come up the road :)


Thanks a lot for the love and effort put on the game

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The lighting is beautiful, I haven't had a single moment that had the slightly plastic toy feel that KSP1 can get when under significant lighting conditions. It runs great, admittedly on a beast of a rig but I haven't had any hiccups. Its one of the buggiest EA launches I've partaken of, but its also been the kinds of bugs that make me laugh, as opposed to constant nagging frustrations - Even the mission enders are funny situations. The new ship building feels good, UI gripes aside, and I'm already giving my workspaces 'family' name structures - So I can iterate and develop a really nice launch rocket, then save it, then develop a really nice mission lander, and then at some point in the future when there's a tech tree, I can upgrade the individual segments, and create mission specific variants as required. Its an absolutely incredible quality of life feature that I see no end of possibilities for.

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The orbit lines look gorgeous.

The Stayputnik now has a (weak, hold only) reaction wheel and SAS and so will actually "stay put", making it now a useful part or early comms satellites or similar.

It seems you can revert to launch or VAB even if you loaded a save. (Not sure yet which launch it reverts to, whether its related to the most recenlty loaded save or the most recent launch).

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Has anyone else noticed how struts now snap the same way on both ends? (There does appear to be some bugs for placing struts and symmetry, but looking passed that) Both the first placed end and the second placed end snap to the vessel parts the same way when snapping is on. As opposed to KSP1 where the first end snapped, then the second end did whatever it wanted, usually looking very different. Possibly the single best improvement for the little obsessive perfectionist inside me.

Loading times are also fantastic. Starting the game takes only a moment, loading between buildings and vessels a fraction of the time as before. Also love the art and sound direction. And I love the old digital style for the UI.


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Just want to say to the KSP dev team: I have, as certainly many others have, been very critical of some parts of the game, and the state of the EA build. However, I think I speak for almost all of the people who have serious concerns when I say that there are tons of great features and elements that are already in this early build- this thread is evidence of that. The passion and love that was put into this game shines through despite all of the negative aspects, and it shines brightly.

I think that a lot of the harsh criticism that has been given is important and legitimate, but I wanted to emphasize that even for someone who has himself been critical, who himself has , there's a lot to love already about the game, and even those who have been (are) critical eagerly await future updates and are on your side.

This post probably isn't necessary and I don't want to distract from the thread, but I feel like the past week has been rough and wanted to make sure this message was clear.


Another feature that I love that I forgot to mention in my prior post: New rover parts are epic. :cool::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I dont know if its intentional or not but the fact that Jool now has a surface is genuinely super fun and I love it, I want to build a spaceplane to escape it now. Also even though the game isnt performant the graphics and sound just make it so much more enjoyable then ksp1

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It's a small thing, but I really appreciate that we now have an 'exit game' option.  No more clicking out to the menu and going through multiple layers to quit.

[complaint about the launcher left as an exercise for the reader]

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