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Various issues for me day one

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Let me start of by saying things look really good, none of these issues stopped me from enjoying the game. Love being in Early access and looking forward to the journey with you to this game becoming what we all hope it will be.

If I listed the things I enjoyed rather than suggestions it would be 10 times as long as the list below.


  • It would be nice if my screen resolution was supported, not a show stopper but it would be nice. Mine is 5120 x 1440  Samsung Odyssey G9
  • When trying to put struts on in the VAB if you dont put them on one at a time there are lots of issues, I would select 4 and it would try to put on 8 nearly all going in the wrong direction.
  • if you build a ship that has 4 seats, but you only seat 3 Kerbals, if you save it and load it a Kerbal will sneak into that 4th seat, We need to lock spare Kerbalnaughts in their rooms so they don't sneak on board.
  • The orientation of the ship changes from E/W to N/S when going from the VAB to the Launch pad, I got around it but it was often confusing in the VAB knowing how it will be sitting on the pad.
  • It is far too easy to delete a spacecraft in flight accidently when trying to delete a node.  ( however I did finally find that little trash can and started using that )
  • I could not find a way to see how much fuel was in an attached tank, the parts manager would not display the amount of fuel left in a tank. Many of my spacecraft use drop tanks and I was having to guess when they were empty
  • After recovering a craft, any Kerbal on board would not be available for the next mission
  • We need a way to pin certain information in the maneuver line in map mode, specifically AP & PE  ( I know you folks are aware of this one, with Scott Manley, Tim Dodd, Matt Lowne  and everyone else saying the same thing, but I wanted to reinforce that desire )


I am sure there will be more, I did a Mun Landing and return on my first day in KSP 2 and am overall quite pleased.  It is beautiful.


Keep up the good work



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