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Variety Bug Report, and an Open Thank You to Private Division!

Mushroom Kerman

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  • Reclaiming Vehicle with Kerbals inside makes them "Disappear" (almost like they are dying?) I've lost Jeb, Bill, and Tom C before I noticed.
  • I'm unable to create or edit Maneuver Nodes while at Time-Warp 0 (paused). This was a feature during the pre-release but it's gone now, odd.
  • For some reason I can't save my vehicles, only overwrite them... this means I basically only have 1 Vehicle slot to save and play with. I built a Polar Satellite, a Soviet Jet, and a Bi-Plane... but each time I told the game "Save this vehical" and I named them unique names and descriptions... it just overwrote the previous. The Bi-Plane is the current survivor.
  • There are spots in the forest close to the landing strip that, if you fly low enough to them, makes your plane go stealth-mode with the vegetation. Never seen a Stealth Bi-Plane before but I got to say, it looks dope!
  • My decouplers will sometimes not decouple... (<--- Image)

An Open Letter to Private Division!

Thank you so much! I know KSP2 is having a bit of a "Kerbal style launch" with things breaking and bugs; but I LOVE this game!

I tried to get into the first KSP, and I just couldn't make any progress. Even with Scott Manley's help I just couldn't get into it.

KSP2 has been totally different! This game has been so wonderful! For the first time in these games I feel like I can imagine what I want to make, and then I can just.... MAKE IT!!!! In the first KSP it felt like everything I built was ultra-utilitarian, Everything had to be perfect, no extra fun stuff, no creativity. Oh sure, I saw people make some wild stuff, but the tools just were not accessible to allow me to use my creativity!

But in KSP2 I built A FREAKING BI-PLANE!!!! It's SO CUTE! I made a Soviet Fighter Jet with nothing but my mind! I made a Satellite go into polar orbit!!!

  • I love PAIGE! She's so cute and helpful!
  • I love the animations of all the Kerbals, so many unique personalities!
  • I love the countdown to launch!
  • I love the rocket sounds!
  • I love how shiny the bare metal is without any paint! (that's what I use for prototype vehicles!)

For the first time, I finally feel like I UNDERSTAND Kerbal, I feel like I can actually do what I set my mind to do! It is clear to me that this game is not only a worthy sequel to KSP1, but is made with so much love and passion for these little green dorks! Oh sure, there are bugs, there are features I would love to have, I have some suggestions; But you guys are on the right path and I am so looking forward to everything you have in store!

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