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Made with 21:9 or 32:9 in mind? :)


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(Super) Ultrawide enthusiast here, and I'm loving what I'm seeing up till now! :vallove: 

The original KSP did a great job in suporting playing around with different resolutions, it looks like the Devs have not forgotten Ultra Wide lovers in the sequal! I'd almost say KSP2 was designed with (at least) a 21:9 monitor in mind for the GUI to come alive. 

Here's some pictures of the VAB;

Wide 16:9 QHD ( 2560x1440 )


UltraWide 21:9 UWQHD ( 3440x1440 )


Super UltraWide 32:9 DQHD ( 5120x1440 )

With the Part Picker, Part Info and Part Manager it gets real crowded quick and the actual building you're rocket narrow, but when opening up with a wider screens, the experience gets a whole lot better, the parts in the part picker and UI have a great size for wider monitors.

In flight I'm happy as well with what I see, I wished for 'draggable' UI when I saw screenshots of the UI  enabling you to just place UI elements wherever you want.  But with what I'm seeying on my own rig they already took a good look at where everything 'should' be placed if you have a very wide monitor, just like with the part picker in the VAB the Navball is big enough of size and detail to 'not be' misplaced in the most left corner, and its easy to navigate, some UI elements grouped together and some aren't.

Below a few pictures that actually don't do it justice, I'll shoot some new ones accompanied with performances later when in a spaceship (when I get my rig back from my daughter who NEEDS to play Spyro the Dragon...)



Offcourse not everything has been done yet to support wider screens then 16:9, like loadingscreens needing to be enveloped and not stretched or zoomed, a way to change FOV and some more cameratools, but I'm confident those 'details' will come later in development. 

Well done so far Intercept !!!

current specs; I7-12700KF, 32Gb DDR4, RTX3080 10Gb, PCIE SSD

Updates on performance running the game later.


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4 minutes ago, marce said:

Yet no 16:10 support, at least I wasn't able to configure it and had to "enjoy" black bars...

I expect that to be added later, for now you can force your monitor resolution by editing the configfile in notepad to lose the black bars and run 16:10,  see below topic how to do so;



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After nearly 2 days of fighting against frustration and bugs, I wanted to see how the game would handle my 32:9 ultrawide on High and in HDR, especially since 5120x1440 isn't an option in the settings. However, by editing the settings.json file in AppData, I forced it to that resolution. I was extremely surprised that my RX 5700 was actually handling it, and at (sort of) playable framerates! Now that I'd had a better grasp on the bugs that were frustrating me, and now that I knew some workarounds, I was, for the first time, able to actually enjoy playing the game. I feel like this is what the devs talk about when they say how they can't stop playing it internally.

For just a moment, as I approached the Mun, I saw what this game will be one day, and, reader, it evoked a feeling that I've only experienced in video games a handful of times. It was sublime.





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I feel ya. After I had managed to get a working craft to launch, get to space and go to the mun, I caught glimpses of what this game is really supposed to be. I honestly haven't felt something like this in a long time playing ksp, the only other time I think comes close was when I first played ksp1, watching the sunrise from space from my first orbit. It really just shows me that there is in fact a diamond in this ruff.

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2 minutes ago, LoSBoL said:

And how about all that beatifull workspace in the VAB?


I mean, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that this aspect ratio is what it was designed for. The UI felt cramped before (I've seen people say it looks like it was designed for touch controls, because of how big the elements were), but this is luxurious

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Just now, whatsEJstandfor said:

I mean, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that this aspect ratio is what it was designed for. The UI felt cramped before (I've seen people say it looks like it was designed for touch controls, because of how big the elements were), but this is luxurious

That's exactly what I was figuring as well, this game looks created for at least 21:9 and the UI design has been thought trough with that in mind.

a 16:9 4K screen is nice off course, but not at all helping in KSP,   you need width to open up the game, its UI  and immersion. Funny thing is, a 32:9 screen with double QHD resolution (5120x1440) still has about 10% less pixels than 4K, making it easier on the GPU.

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20 minutes ago, Motokid600 said:

I had to cfg hack my 3840x1600 resolution. Did you have to do the same?

Yes, It's needed (at least for me) to force the 21:9 and 32:9 resolutions by changing the values in settings.json, I expect Intercept to change that later on in development. 

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  • 4 weeks later...


In the AMA  posted yesterday;


What is the reasoning behind not allowing early access players the ability to use the debug menu? Since it is a sandbox game its omission seams odd, especially for early access. Will it be included at some point for single player campaigns? 

So the debug controls were really only added for internal developer purposes, and we haven't really done any QA testing - or really created any design specs for it. Adding a debug menu could change a million variables that would really make it hard to investigate bugs. I want there one-day to be a player-focused debug menu.


I sincerelly hope that this reason is not also being used for not releasing other than 16/9 resolutions for KSP2 at the moment. Forcing other ratio's and resolutions by manipulating the setting.json file is a workaround which I hope will not be needed for long.  

Only thing I can say is that I've played this game in both 32:9 as in 16:9 (streaming to my laptop) equally and I encounter the exact same bugs.  Anyway, this is me saying;  Please give us the option to run KSP2 in the native resolutions and ratio's of our monitors like both KSP and KSP2 does mavelously as well,  preferably  as soon as possible in one of the next updates. 








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