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KAL-1000 how to change the speed of a part

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hi, I'm almost new to KAL-1000 and I need a small help.
I'm prototyping a simple rover release system.
What I don't remember is how to change the speed of the 3 hinges indipendently.
I'd like the 1st open fast, the second at 80% of max speed, the 3rd at 60%.

I know it's ultra simple,  but I really can't remember how to vary the speed.


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thanks for having moved it.

i try to explain a little better,
I think i maybe have to change that "Time" number from 10 to 8s and 6s, but how?



edit: I found a way that could works:
at the first hinge I've added an intermediate point, set it up to 1s = 40°.
is this the unique solution?



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Yes, I think you can't set "speed" of hinges with the KAL, you need to set different start/end times and angles to control them.

Unfortunately, I do not have a better view of the KAL window that controlled a similar rover deployment but you can see hinges and pistons start at different points in time.


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