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Vehicles fall into the ground or are destroyed when retaking control of them


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I have three examples,

- I did a starship (with fins), landed it on the Mun and when controlling back it after a while it fell into the ground

- When landing again a new starship on the Mun and again a while later taking back control of it, a landing legs and both fins detached from the body

- I landed a capsule on Duna and when taking back control of it, it fell into the ground. 

I know those bugs happened in KSP 1 but it seems more frequent in KSP 2

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I'm experiencing the same issue when either taking control of a craft (plane or rocket) when either in orbit or when flying. The issue was not present yesterday when I first installed KSP2, however it is now present for several different craft every time I load. 

  •  My KSP was the current version as of yesterday (25th Feb)
  •  I have tried simpler craft just to confirm the issue is still present and it was.
  • Computer is 5700g CPU with a TITAN X graphics card, 32GB ram - I'm not sure if that helps when bug reporting


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