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Tiny Mouse Challenge->The smallest Orbiter

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On 2/26/2023 at 3:08 AM, The Dark Player said:

The challenge: In KSP or KSP2, make your smallest orbiter in terms of size or weight. Good Luck! (Mods are allowed but Kraken drives prohibited)


The picker wheel to see which category you are

I have a couple of suggestions to make this challenge more interesting and appeal to more people:

  • While the picker wheel is certainly novel, it disincentivises people from just choosing to optimize for whichever category they prefer (or from both categories), thus disincentivizing some people from trying the challenge altogether.
  • The "minimum size" category needs to be more clearly defined. Do you just care about height, or diameter, or do you care about all dimensions? I assume the latter, but it's not clear at all.
  • The "minimum size" category should have strict restrictions on part clipping. Without such limitations, the challenge is reduced to an exercise in clipping as much as possible into the volume of the smallest fuel tank and sticking a command seat in there too.
  • Because this challenge is all about optimization of a craft, I recommend separating stock and modded leaderboards - specifically, craft with any modded parts (not that any exist now, but they certainly will in future) or any mods which change the game's behaviour (in particular, its physics) must be judged separately, because otherwise the challenge is not fair. It also may be wise to pre-emptively ban any mods that adjust physics or add parts altogether, or (if you really want to allow part mods) limit any part mods to ones which are balanced like stock parts.
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2 hours ago, The Dark Player said:

Okay, but this challenge is stock :cry:

Not according to the challenge:

On 2/26/2023 at 3:08 AM, The Dark Player said:

Mods are allowed

If you want the challenge to be stock-only, you may want to rewrite it to say so.

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