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simulator mode


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I think a simulator mode is a neat idea. I like to play campaign/career on hard without revert, or kerbal respawn. In the past I would do basic design validation in another save set to sandbox mode, then fly it "For real" in my career mode once I thought I was ready, accepting whatever consequences or designing rescue missions as needed. I even had a kerbal memorial at the KSC with a flag planted for every kerbal that died in the program, planting flags became tedious, but one or two kerbals survived the entire program somehow. This meant I had to transfer craft files between saves manually, not a huge problem but would be nice to have a built in mechanism, for me that could be as simple as the ability to move crafts between saves. Ideally a mode (simulator mode) where you can launch your craft with revert enabled, but you don't get any rewards, progression or persistence if you leave the flight.

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it would be awesome to be able to test rovers on a different planet, before i actually bring them there only to find out that... it doesn't really drive as smooth as it does on kerbin XD


on the other hand... it would defeat the idea of KSP wouldn't it?

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