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Jeb, Bill and Bob too, what is wrong with their eyes?

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Jeb Bill & Bob kerbals have all got assymetrical eyes which look wierd and disturbing. One eye is distended and looks manic, without an eyelid and seems to be a mad staring eye, the other looks normal. The combination is odd.

Val is beautiful with symmetrical eyes,  as are all the other Kerbals' eyes.

Maybe the intent was to try to give them a special steely eyed missile man look but imho its not working, suggest adjusting this and dialling the mad staring eye thing back a bit.

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Thanks for the infos vid, readers can view a discussion of Kerbal assymetry at time segment 5:35 - 6:15.

I was expecting Jeb to be as handsome as Val is beautiful, for equality and was disappointed.

I like the idea of characterful Kerbals but the three originals look a little too ugly and remind me of Vince from Rex The Runt (early absurdist oddball Aardman Animation TV series) who has Random Pavarotti Disease and is disturbingly eccentric, given to eating Chihuahua's and randomly making statements like "I like Jam" and "Tuesday" and outbursts of Pavarotti classics like Figaro.

Maybe I have been traumatised by British TV but I just dont feel that is the look they should be going for :) like I say I just feel the staring wandering eye could be dialled back a bit.


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