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Issues with Flags - timewarp and title


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These may be minor, but I thought you should know about them.

  1. It seems only letters (upper and lower case) are allowed in the Site Name, so no "Minmus Site 1", etc. And since the title is character limited, spelling out numbers is not a great option. I'd think limiting the flag title to only upper and lower case is a bug - though a minor one and really just a nuisance in terms of impact.
  2. Site Name is forced into Title Case. If you hold down shift to get multiple uppercase characters only every other one will be uppercase, unless you add a space. Also it's not possible to have an all lower case Site Name, if that matters.
  3. A kerbal seems to be able to only plan one flag. Is this a bug or a design choice? There is utility in placing more than one flag, so I hope this is a bug. Workaround: Reboard vessel, do another EVA, and you can plant one more flag.
  4. Using punctuation in the Plaque Text (or attempting to use it the Site Name) can cause timewarp! So if you put something clever like "I got here first..." then you'll be timewarping ahead at 4x speed. Similarly, using a comma will decrease timewarp and so may pause the game. If you pause the game due to a comma, then you may be waiting a long time for Jeb to plant that flag once you close the dialog box.

To reproduce this bug take Jeb out for a walk and try planting more than one flag.


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