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My idea for procedural fuel tank construction

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The procedural wings are a huge step forward for KSP, and procedural radiators/solar panels have also been teased during the dev updates. At this point, I think procedural fuel tanks make a lot of sense and would be an easy way to reduce part counts. I also really like the new hydrogen tank style and think that other fuel types should be available for them.


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Add that fuel tanks could also be set as crew space. There are real world plans to do this. This could be done in the VAB. Ideally engineers could do the conversion of space.

I often used tanks to give more crew volume to simulate better living conditions then sitting in one's own sweat for a 2 year mission.


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The fuel tank part section is definitely a magnet for tons of unnecessary clutter. I posted a similar idea to this in the last few months, though I didn't have the bit about the trusses. The additional thought I'll from that is that even if they don't want to give us 100% granular control of tank size, they should still do it this way and just make the minimum increment step much larger. Heck, even if they weren't procedural at all, it would still declutter the part list a lot to have just one entry per diameter/type combo on the list, and let you change the length in the build space, or have it so when you click the fuel tank in the part list, you then get a quick pop up menu to select the size.

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