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game is no longer working right,cant do nothing at all


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i been playing this fine for 33.5 hours.   and then this morning i get on and i can no longer do nothing.    the game loads up i go into to build a rocket.  and some of the icon of the rocket or empty  but i can still click the empty box and put parts on. then you here Korbel talking on the intercom  and all the icon appear.    go to the launch pad  and i can here sounds like my rocket braking apart.  but  i am still locked in the loading screen.   i can not go back to the menu   you can here the clicking  of the menu loading up.  im still stock in loading.   i have to crash the game to get out. 

i have restarted game i restarted computer.  i verify integrity.    i checked for updats on game  driver updates windows updates     everything is all up to date.      the only thing i done besides kerbal is  post in  forum.   i not done nothing else on computer since i got kerbal  so i am kind of lost on what is going on.   and why now is my game bugged out to no return.  game was running fine last night.     

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